Thai capital receives the first tourists on a quarantine-free holiday

Over a thousand tourists from abroad arrived in Bangkok Monday as part of a quarantine waiver that was granted to those who had been vaccinated for COVID-19.

Kiattiphum Wongraijit, senior official in health, stated that Monday’s opening day saw 1,534 foreign visitors and 890 Thais traveling on 40 international flights.

The waiver covers more 60 countries, including China and the United States, as well as several European places, which some people were using to escape the winter blues.

Simon Raithel (German tourist), was one of the first visitors to arrive.

Thailand is one of Asia-Pacific’s most visited tourist destinations. It has imposed severe entry restrictions, which were criticized in the industry for being too burdensome and economically harmful.

There have been more than 3 million jobs in Thailand that are dependent on tourism and more than $50 billion annually in lost revenue.

Prior to the pandemic tourism was responsible for around 12% of Thailand’s GDP. A survey placed Bangkok as the most visited city on the planet.

Thailand tried out the pilot scheme with Phuket’s reopening, but it had mixed results. The monthly pre-pandemic level at which the pilot scheme began in July was 1%.

Visitors must undergo a negative COVID-19 testing upon arrival to be eligible for travel.

Marguerite Jeason (France) said, “It is much simpler.” “It was 14 nights before it became easier.”

In an effort to attract more visitors, airlines have been quick to get the country ready by bringing back hibernation jets.

The pickup is expected to slow down, though, with 180,000 international arrivals in 2019 and 7 million next year. This compares with 40 million in 2019.