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Summer Fun Pool Facts


Lots of things are fun during the summer months. Going to the waterparks, swimming in the pool, going to the beach, and if you’re a little one, maybe running through the sprinklers will be a fun day getting cooled off. It’s not secret that people head for the water when …

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Looking back and to the future of WTA

WTA Tennis

The Woman’s Tennis Association is the leading in professional women sports. The Association has been around for decades and keeps growing as the years pass by. Here is how things got started, the prizes, the past few years, and where you can catch the next exciting tournament. Beginnings Founded by …

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Mobile Apps for Traveling in Southeast Asia


From restaurant reviews to culture and history The rising prominence of state-of-the-art mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has definitely enabled modern-day travelers to access a virtual treasure trove of information right in the palm of their hands. These days, it’s not too surprising to find out that there’s a …

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Travel Tips: Preparing Your Finances


No matter where we go in our travels, we need money. After we’ve secured our tickets, our accommodations, itineraries and other travel concerns, it’s time to look into our finances. Bring a combination of cash and cards These days, you can bring money with you on your trip through several …

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4 Alternatives to a Beach Holiday

Mountain Climbing

There is much to be said about a relaxing week away lying on a beach. The sun beats down, the pool glistens and the champagne cocktails surely flow. But I often find that while the sun does have its appeal, it can overstay its welcome. I’m also one for doing …

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Five Southeast Asian Countries to Retire Well


Southeast Asia is the expatriate and retiree favorite for a very obvious reason: Their dollars go a long way here than they would in their homeland, assuming they are from developed countries with sky-high cost of living and equally steep taxes. There are of course exceptions to the rule (there …

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