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Some of Australia’s Must-Eats

You may not know what Australian cuisine is like you know Italian or Chinese, but they have some divine dishes for you to try during your visit. While this list is of course not exhaustive of all the scrumptious bites you can taste, this should surely give your taste buds a good start.

The Big Bird

Despite this animal being the countries national bird, it will still find it’s way to your plate. Emu, although a funky looking bird, is quite a popular dish in Australia. It’s a healthy meat due to it’s lack of cholesterol and fat and it’s high iron content. Emu is used in many ways from smoked delicacies to a pizza topping, be sure to grab a bite at your next dinner.

Pie Please

Aussie meat pie
Aussie meat pie

Sometimes referred to as “dog’s eye,” a meat pie says a lot about Aussie cuisine. It is served virtually everywhere, for any event, and comes in many ways. The flaky pocket is filled with all sorts of goodness and obviously containing some sort of meat. The most traditional meat pie is a simple beef and mash potato pie with gravy.

What a Croc

Scary and abundant in Australia is the crocodile. Although you might be trying to avoid these dangerous and ferocious beasts, you can rest assure that it’s safe to approach if it’s on your plate. This dish is popular in other countries besides Australia, but this delicacy has still found it’s way to the tables of many. Along with being a delightful snack, the skin is also made into a number of things such as belts and bags.


Breakfast anyone?
Breakfast anyone?

Don’t mess with an Aussie’s Vegemite. Really, just don’t do it. They love this stuff, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, anytime is a good time for some Vegemite! Vegemite, a savory dark spread, is commonly put on toast. Glob it on or spread it thin, just taste it and for heavens sakes, don’t be afraid to put it on other food.

Grill a ‘Roo

Aussie meats
Aussie meats

Another national icon, the national animal of Australia, also hops out of the kitchen and on to your plate. That’s right, they even eat those cute kangaroos! In some areas these animals are over populated so lovers of this rare meat don’t feel so bad to sitting down to a ‘roo dinner.

What’s on the barbie

Prawns on the barbie
Prawns on the barbie

“Throw another shrimp on the barbie.,” is NOT what an Aussie would say. They actually refer to those little critters as prawns, so don’t be that guy and say this with your new Aussie friend. Just go to a barbecue and enjoy whatever they are throwing on it.

Photos by Dave Palmater, Ron Dollete, Terrazzo and Peter Shanks

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