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Bangkok: Asia’s City of Sin

Nana Plaza just kicking off (Photo by Miguel Vieira)

You’re dressed to impress, have a bit of cash to blow, and are officially ready to experience Asia’s mecca for all those who love any and all nightlife scenes. Bangkok really does offer it all. Don’t think it’s a city only full of cheesy karaoke bars and seedy clubs. Bangkok …

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5 Awesome Day Trips from Bangkok

Imagine the bygone splendor of Ayutthaya visiting temple ruins (Photo by Miguel Vieira)

Bangkok is a vibrant city that combines a lot of the best features of its traditional Southeast Asian heritage with the conveniences and luxuries of modern urban living. But, as any vacationer knows, city-based holidays can be exhausting. So, try these five daytrips from Bangkok to round out your experiences …

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5 Free Things to Do in Bangkok

Lumphini Park

While Bangkok isn’t necessarily an expensive place, it’s still nice to enjoy things on the cheap or free in this case. Why spend money when you don’t have to, especially in times of weak economies? The list below are five of the best free things to do in the entertaining …

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How to Travel from Bangkok to Phuket

Bangkok Airways

Since Bangkok is the capital and Phuket is the largest island, you can only imagine how many embark on this route. And with that being said, there are several commuting options, which are listed below. By Plane Yes, there is an airport on the island and it’s even an international …

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The Chaotic Capital: Bangkok

Bangkok traffic

Most travelers fly straight into Bangkok as a starting and ending point considering it offers easy access to the rest of the country. But a place where the word tranquil doesn’t really exist is not for everyone. Bangkok is a monstrous city of crowds, pollution, shopping, and partying. It defines …

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How to Travel from Bangkok to Ayutthaya


As mentioned in a previous posting, Ayutthaya is the former capital of Thailand and place that should not be missed. Traveling from between the former and current capital is super simple, taking no more than 2.5 hours, depending which method of transport you choose. By Car There are various routes …

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