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Climbing Krabi

Railay Beach at Sunrise

Krabi is one of Thailand’s spectacular beach paradise destinations. The picturesque views from nearly anywhere in the province is postcard worthy, and will certainly make your friends and family back home envious. Many come here to bask under the sun, dive, snorkel, and simply do nothing but relax and enjoy …

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Teaching in Thailand

School in  Udonthani where I worked

Many people decide to stay in Thailand. Some choose Teaching English as a way to earn money and remain in the country. There are many vacancies in agencies for English Speaking Teachers. Some good and some not so good. You may find a job in a government school or even …

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Phuket – Time for Fun

Patong Beach

With the fast approaching vacations, your hunt for an ideal place for fun and entertainment ends at Phuket. There are loads of fun activities and entertaining sites to keep you engrossed and in high spirits. Your Home Away from Home Please hold on to your horses before you set out …

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Taste a Piece of Pai

A river just outside the town

You know a spot is good if you don’t know how many times you have visited it. This spot, for me, is Pai. This northern Thailand town is all about the chill vibes, natural grub and all around wholesomeness that is sometimes not felt in other towns. This spot has …

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My Peaceful Spot in Prachuap

Just walking on the beach...

Many come to Thailand to bask under the scorching sun, get into the Thai culture, try some tasty and flaming spicy food, and maybe even adventure up a mountain or two. There is plenty of that here plus some in this magical country full of wonder, tradition, and beauty. However …

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Songkran Festival 2014

Water Fight

The Songkran Festival in Thailand is celebrated as the country’s traditional New Year’s Day. To the Thais, Songkran is one of the happiest and most anticipated holidays of the year. The festival has been celebrated in the country for centuries, but is believed to be adapted from a holiday in …

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Thailand’s Hidden Gems

Phimai (Photo by Erwin Soo)

As soon as you arrive in Thailand, it is easy to see why so many adventurous backpackers and intrepid travellers make this particular country a bucket list priority. Visiting the region is easier than ever before, with cheap flights to Thailand, affordable accommodation, numerous attractions and several activities on offer …

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Teetering on Thailand’s Edges

Karen long neck family in their colorful garb

When most people come to Southeast Asia they try to knock out a few countries at once. Perhaps Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar are all on your list. If they are, why rush around on the inside and skip the edges? Sometimes the border towns are the most interesting because they …

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Secret Beaches of Thailand

This is all for you!

So you want to go where no one else has gone before in Thailand? You don’t want to experience tourists by the boat full on Koh Phangan, and you most certainly don’t want to pay the price for staying on Phuket… Who can blame you? Thailand has an assortment of …

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