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Thailand’s Public Holiday Schedule 2015

Thailand is one of the most amazing countries in SE Asia where you can enjoy the bounty bestowed by nature. The rich cultural heritage and tradition of the country is far comparable to other neighboring countries. One of the highlights of the place is its holidays that provide ideal venues for family bonding or group recreations. Spending moments during their holidays will make you admire various beliefs and practices of the people.

Holidays in Thailand are plenty whole year through. This will offer locals and tourists alike the best opportunities to explore the beauty of the country. Some holidays fall on a fixed date every year following the Western calendar while some vary every year because of the lunar calendar. Whatever the holiday is being celebrated, it will definitely be a moment to remember.

Below are amongst the National Holidays celebrated in Thailand:

New Year’s Day – January 1, Thursday

The air is filled with music, laughter and joy. People inside their houses or at the streets are dancing to face the blessings of the New Year. They celebrate it with good food along with the family’s togetherness. They also pay offerings and religious ceremonies in Buddhist temples.

Chinese New Year – February 19, Thursday

This has become the highest celebration of Chinese and is commemorated with similarity to Western Christmas. This occasion is filled with rituals and traditions. Chinese houses are cleaned from top to bottom to sweep away all that is believed to bring bad luck. Windows are decorated with new cloth especially red color. People are buying gifts, clothing, foods and decorations to fill this event with happiness and enthusiasm.

Makha Bucha (Magna Puja) – February 7, Monday

This is celebrated on the evening of Magha full moon day. This occasion is an important Buddhist festival. This is the day when Buddhist go to the temple for veneration. The festival spiritually aimed every Buddhist to do good, not to commit sins and purify one’s mind.

Chakri day – April 6, Monday

Thailand is under the Chakri dynasty. This celebration commemorates the founding of this dynasty. People honor this day to respect the past and current royalties who ruled the country.

Songkran (Thai New Year) April 13-15, Monday to Wednesday

This is one of Thailand’s most important national holidays. This three days celebration is traditionally associated with water to purify things for the new year, for fertility and rain for good harvest. This is often celebrated with festivities, parades and ceremonies in the entire country. Expect to get wet during this occasion because you will be splashed with water.

Labor Day – May 1, Friday

This day is announced as National Holiday without classes or work in the whole country.

Visakha Puja – May 3, Sunday

Three major events in Buddha’s life is being celebrated – birth, enlightenment and death. Every full moon is considered important to the Buddhist community around the world but the full moon on the month of Vaisakh has significant importance because of Buddha’s three major life events. The day is considered as Buddhist sacred celebration and commemorated the event with great passion.

Coronation day – May 5, Tuesday

The longest reigned monarch in the world was crowned on this day of 1946 and is celebrated by people in the whole country.

Asalha Puja Day – July 1, Tuesday

This day is celebrated as believed to be Buddha’s first sermon which took place at Deer park, Benares, India. This day is commemorated on various dates basically from late July or early August based on the lunar calendar. This day also commences Buddhist lent period known as ‘Vassa’ or ‘Rains Retreat’ and likewise the founding of Buddhist monkhood some 2,500 years passed.

The Queen’s Birthday/Mother’s Day – August 12, Wednesday

The Queen of Thailand’s birthday, Queen Sirikit, is celebrated in this day along with Mother’s Day. This event is celebrated every 12 of August annually but if the holiday falls on a weekend, the Monday thereafter becomes an official holiday.

Chulalongkorn Day – October 23, Friday

The life and brilliant contributions of King Chulalongkorn is commemorated through this celebration. Amongst the things he was remembered most are establishing the freedom of religion, modernizing Thailand and maintaining the country’s independence amidst European colonialism.

The King’s Birthday/Father’s Day – December 5, Monday

The country celebrates the birthday of the present King, Bhumibol Adulyadej, also known as Rama IX. This also becomes a celebration for the National Father’s Day. The holiday is filled with enthusiasm and abundant colors. Thousands of marigolds are decorated on the streets and Thailand palace. On the eve of the celebration are fireworks display and the streets of Ratchadamnoen and Sanam Luang are closed for traffic to give way for this celebration.

Constitution Day – December 10, Friday

This day is commemorated by the entire Thai nation when their constitution was signed and became a constitutional monarchy on 1932. The country suffered from economic depression on 1930 with Rama Vii having less experience to deal with such issues. A group of intellects known as the People’s party represented the Monarch/King. Under the constitutional monarchy, the King’s power were reduced but remained as the head of the state, military and defender of all religions.

New Year’s Eve – December 31, Friday

The night before the day of the New Year is being celebrated. This is the big event for family get together, resolutions to change for the better and set aside all bad behaviors. This also gives hope for many that the coming year will provide them with abundance, good health and good year.

Thailand Holidays are the gateway to explore what is beyond the beauty of the country’s culture, tradition and wonders. Enjoy the holidays and make it remarkably memorable with family and friends!

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