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Top 15 Things to Do in Singapore With Kids & Family

Singapore is one of the cleanest and greenest destinations in South Asia, and there is something here for everyone – including entertainment for the entire family. It has often been criticized for being largely sterile and clinical, but it is greatly changing and becoming a haven for some top events in the world.

There is so much to do here, that we have had to shortlist the top 15 things to do in Singapore with kids and family. Make sure you read this article too – Fun and Free Things To Do In Singapore – The Ultimate Guide

1. Science Center

Singapore Science Centre
Singapore Science Centre

The Science museum in Singapore is where your kids will go wild and so it is #1 in our list of interesting things to do with kids in Singapore. The museum spans more than 20,000 square feet and includes fourteen galleries that are full of interactive exhibits that provide kids with a fun and entertaining way to learn all the concepts that probably have them baffled at school.

2. Botanic Gardens

Singapore Botanical Garden

The Botanic Gardens of Singapore allow your entire family to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, and give yourself a technological detox. This is a way for you and your entire family to be at one with nature, as you admire all the flora and fauna, and even enjoy a little picnic on the lush green lawns.

3. Jurong Bird Park

Things to Do With Kids in Singapore - Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park covers an area of 20.2 hectares and is home to over 8000 birds consisting of more than 600 different species of birds, making it one of the top things to do with kids in Singapore. Take your kids over the main attractions including Lory Loft Aviary, Bird Discovery Center, Southeast Asian Birds Aviary, African Waterfall Aviary, as well as the African Wetlands.

4. Bumboat Ride along Singapore River

Singapore River Bumboat Ride

Get a good view of both new as well as old Singapore side by side as you take a ride down Singapore River in a bumboat, as it travels through each mile of the city.

5. Singapore Discovery Center

Singapore Discovery Center

This is one of the most enjoyable things to do with kids in Singapore. You can be sure that your kids will cherish the hours they spend in this large interactive museum where both tourists and visitors can get to find out about Singapore’s interesting history. There are many activities for kids, including a 4D simulation helicopter ride as well as a simulation of life as an astronaut, so you can be sure it would be a day well spent for your kids.

6. Battle Box

Battle Box, Singapore

Give your kids a good dose of history, with this memorial to WWII. Nine meters below Fort Canning you will find several bunkers that were part of the underground command center during the Battle of Singapore. This also includes a guided tour that takes you over all the events, including the sound effects, that took place before Singapore surrendered to Japan.

7. Snow City

Snow City, Singapore
Snow City, Singapore

Singapore is famous for its hot and sticky weather, so an indoor snow center like Snow City is sure to provide welcome relief from the heat. If you are looking for a bit of thrill, you can enjoy snow tubing or skiing, while children can engage in snowball fights or explore an igloo.

8. Night Safari

Night Safari, Singapore
Night Safari, Singapore

If you aren’t concerned with letting your kids stay up a wee bit late, the Night Safari is just the thing for them! You’ll hop aboard a tram that will let you enjoy nocturnal animals roaming around without cages in their natural habitat. You can get to experience rain forest, savannah and jungle species and get up close and personal with several nocturnal species, about a quarter of which are endangered.

9. Underwater World, Sentosa

Underwater World, Sentosa

This aquarium is home to more than 2500 from around the globe, with many attractions to entertain children. Kids are especially attracted to the petting area where it is possible to feed and touch different kinds of marine life. Climb aboard the walkway and spend hours with your children in a tunnel as they are surrounded by all sorts of marine life. If you are looking for educational toys and books on marine life, you can find many of them in the adjoining souvenir shop as well.

10. National Museum of Singapore

National Museum of Singapore
National Museum of Singapore

The museum resides in a building that will take you back to the good old colonial days. The galleries and exhibits are especially designed for children aged seven and above, and captivate them using colorful stories and interesting anecdotes. You have been warned: this is one attraction your children would probably not want to get away from in a hurry. If you are tired of going through the exhibits, there are also some cafes with kid-friendly dining options.

11. Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer
Singapore flyer, Singapore skyline and Gardens by the bay

This revolving wheel provides an entire view of all of Singapore including the River, Marina Bay Sands as well as several other attractions. If you visit on a clear day, you can even see all the way down to Malaysia and Indonesia as well. This ride will probably be the best half hour of your entire stay in Singapore.

12. Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo

A trip to Singapore Zoo is one we are sure you’ll never forget. Grab a map and plan your tour around the activities and shows that seem the most interesting to you. The main attractions include white tigers, pygmy hippos and the Australian Outback.

Once you have seen the animals, you can take your kids to Kidzworld where they can enjoy themselves on the various rides. Various types of cuisine can also be enjoyed at the several restaurants in the park. Look out for special events such as “Jungle Breakfast” and “Lunch with Lions” which require a reservation, but for which slots are taken up very fast.

13. Enjoy Noodles and Dumplings

Singapore Noodles

How can you even conceive of taking a trip around Singapore without sampling any of the local food? The entire family is sure to love Din Tai Fung, where you can get some of the best noodles and dumplings in the country. The chain originated in Taiwan but is now one of the main attractions of Singapore, and provides not only a great meal but also great entertainment for the entire family.

14. Play paintball

Paintball, Singapore

It’s impossible to have any sort of family fun without paintball, so get your kids together and head over to Crossfire or Red Dynasty for one of the most fun things to do with kids in Singapore. You’ll never know where the time went as you get your adrenaline pumping throughout the weekend.

15. Ethnic Quarters

Chinatown, Singapore
Chinatown, Singapore
Little India, Singapore
Little India, Singapore
Kampong Glam, Singapore
Kampong Glam, Singapore

Singapore is an extremely diverse country, consisting of three main ethnicities, and you absolutely need to take your kids on a tour of Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glam. They may not find the antique shops or furniture shops as interesting as you would, but they are sure to love the burst of colors in the traditional housing.

You especially need to take them to the extremely colorful Little India, where red and gold streaks every sight and sound, from the sari shops to all the spices spread out on the floor. They would also greatly enjoy the curiosity shops at Bussorah Street in Kampong Glam where they can play with the wind-up toys and old telephones.

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