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Malaysia Travel Guide

KL View

Malaysia is Southeast Asia’s only federal constitutional monarchy. It has thirteen states and three federal territories, and is governed by an elected monarch, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. Kuala Lumpur is not only the country’s capital city, but also its biggest. Travelers will want to exchange their money to Ringgit, the …

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Vietnam Travel Guide

Presidential Palace

Vietnam is a country rich with natural beauty and resources, and its people know how to use it. Despite its long history of war and colonization, its people have fought back and risen to rebuild their country. Of all the colonizers, China and France has had a lasting impression on …

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Thailand Travel Guide

Temple in The Grand Palace

Thailand – Temples & Beaches Thailand is one of Southeast Asia’s most desirable vacation destinations, and for excellent reasons. Endowed with misty mountainscapes in the north and northeast, dotted with thousands of colorful and architecturally ornate wats all over, lined with white sand beaches and turquoise waters in the south, …

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Indonesia Travel Guide

Java, Indonesia...Breathtaking!

Diversity is spelled I-N-D-O-N-E-S-I-A. In terms of island count, Indonesia is made up of a staggering 17,508 islands, although some estimates put it at 20,000. There are at least 300 distinct ethnic groups speaking 742 languages and dialects spread out over 5,000 kilometers of mostly under-touristed territory straddling the equator. …

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Philippines Travel Guide

Caramoan Island: Survivor’s Home

The number 7,000 (islands) figures prominently every time any article about the Philippines is written, and for good reason. The country is archipelagic, and it pays to toot one’s own horn and flaunt statistics, especially if it serves the purpose of attracting curious travelers. Not all tourists coming to the …

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Pattaya Travel Guide

Overlooking Pattaya City (Photo by Sergey S. Dukachev)

Pattaya is a popular beach resort destination in Thailand. Situated on the Gulf of Thailand’s east coast, it is approximately 150 kilometers southeast of Bangkok. Pattaya is the center of the Pattaya-Chonburi Metropolitan Area, with Pattaya City being the self-governing municipal area located in the heavily industrial Eastern Seaboard Zone. …

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