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10 Essential Travel Gadgets for Your Dream Holiday

my gadgetsThose days have long departed when the backpackers simply rammed their clothing and hefty guidebooks down their rucksacks and backpacks when packing for their dream holiday. With the world becoming more digitalized, one can’t imagine going on an expedition without taking along some fancy gismos and widgets. I have combined here a of the essential gadgets which will help you keep connected, constructive, systematized and distracted whether you have booked a long haul and transatlantic voyage or are journeying through road.


Cameras are the ulterior must for capturing the memorable moments and encapsulating them forever in a snapshot. Besides no trip seems complete of you aren’t escorting this favorite and indispensable gadget along.

A reliable USB stick:

This tiny gadget can hold all your important files and data which can be retrieved in a matter of minutes anywhere and this teeny gadget is a godsend if you aren’t carrying your laptop along with you.


Torches are of great assistance especially when you are returning from a night trip and don’t want to disturb others who are sharing your room by switching on the light. Moreover, they are also helpful when sudden power failures can take you off your guard.


It is recommended to take a battered and small laptop along instead of a sleek and brand new one to reduce the risks of robbery. Tagging along a laptop along will ensure that you are able to keep abreast of your work, associate with your friends and share your travel adventures with your family.

Travel ear plugs:

They are a boon when you are onboard the plane as they provide the perfect escape from the wailing of the babies and the chitchat of the uninteresting and dull neighbors and sanction you to repose peacefully and comfortably at your own will. They are small, portable and travel savvy gadgets that are a must for your air travel.

Swiss knife:

A Swiss knife is an absolute imperative and a very handy travel gadget showing great assistance when you want to butter your bread or slice through a stubborn plastic bag.

Extension Power Cord:

This vital travel accessory will ensure that you can connect up to three or more gadgets at once using just one adapter. It also solves the issue of having to bear the inadequacy of power plugs in two and three star hotel rooms.

A Waterproof Notebook:

Taking a waterproof notebook along warrants that you can record all the favorable and happy instances in all kinds of weather whether you are beholding the landscape atop the pinnacle of a mountain or enjoying a jungle escapade.


A good smartphone can help you link up with your family members in a matter of seconds. Plus you can download some great translating and game apps to help you keep entertained and mingle with the locals on your journey.

A First Aid Kit:

This is important travel equipment because you don’t want to run around in search for a pharmacy or medical store in case you suffer minor bruises, cuts or wounds.

Packing these travel gadgets along can save you time, money and some acute travel headaches and make your journey more enriching, lively and animated.

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