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Photo Essay: Iconic Public Transport in Thailand

Motorized "tuktuk" could easily seat 4 (Photo by Miguel Vieira)

Getting around Thailand can sometimes be tricky, as a combination of conveyances may be necessary to get from the city to the outskirts, and from the outskirts to the really remote villages. Thailand has its share of iconic transport characters that define the country much as it defines Southeast Asia …

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Photo Essay: A Peek Into Burmese Culture

A young Burmese girl with "thanaka"

Each country has its own quirks, but because we are often introduced to them via popular media, we are not as shocked when we see them first-hand. Consider, however, a country whose freedom of the press has been severely restricted in the past and is only starting to abandon censorship. …

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West America “Rocks”!

Monument Valley

The American West is home to some of the most magnificent and breathtaking rock formations that have found their way in travel glossies, outdoor magazines, documentaries and the silver screen. More than just jaw-dropping sights, the following rock formations across the United States tell a lot of stories about the …

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This is How We Roll: Bicycle Taxis in Southeast Asia

Kota Kinabalu will soon be crawling with these pedestrian-pulled contraptions (Photo by Chelsea Hicks)

There’s nothing more environment-friendly than rickshaws as far as transportation goes. It gets you from A to B (albeit a short A to B) faster than your two feet could ever carry you. It doesn’t cause more atmospheric stress than your typical gas-guzzling conveyance; and it provides livelihood for locals …

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