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5 of the Cheapest Places to Live in the World

Cheapest Places to Stay in the World

If you’re thinking of moving to another country, whether permanently or temporarily, it’s important to consider the cost of living. Luckily, the cheapest places to live in the world are also some of the best. Countries like Cambodia, Argentina, Portugal and Colombia, for example are all beautiful and affordable. If …

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10 Essential Travel Gadgets for Your Dream Holiday

my gadgets

Those days have long departed when the backpackers simply rammed their clothing and hefty guidebooks down their rucksacks and backpacks when packing for their dream holiday. With the world becoming more digitalized, one can’t imagine going on an expedition without taking along some fancy gismos and widgets. I have combined …

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Some of Australia’s Must-Eats

Prawns on the barbie

You may not know what Australian cuisine is like you know Italian or Chinese, but they have some divine dishes for you to try during your visit. While this list is of course not exhaustive of all the scrumptious bites you can taste, this should surely give your taste buds …

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10 Ways to Stay Hygienic When Travelling


If you are backpacking or travelling on a budget, you might have to endure some questionable hotels and hostels along your journey. Some may have sub-par levels of hygiene that justify the low price, and others might have a lack of showers and soap so you yourself can’t even keep …

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Walking in Asia: 3 Best Destinations

Terelji National Park

When you think of travelling to Asia, I bet the first words that come into your head aren’t ‘walking holiday’! In fact, many of us go to Asia for one of three things; food, shopping or lounging on the beach. However if you venture off the well-beaten tourist track, and …

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Travel: The law of relativity continues


Humans, from the day they descended on earth, have been on the move. Necessities were and are still the mother of all travels. Though, in the ancient times people only travelled when faced with scarcity of food or some mortal danger. Hence no wonders that the Latin meaning of the …

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Albion South Beach Hotel Miami Reviews

Albion South Beach Hotel Miami Reviews

Location of the Albion South Beach hotel: Situated in the core of South Beach’s Art Deco Street, adjoining the stylish Lincoln Road and just four blocks away from Miami Beach Convention Center and Fillmore Theater, Albion South Beach Hotel is an architectural work of art which was erected in 1939 …

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So You Want to Teach Abroad?

Teaching in Thailand

You might have read a few articles recently from me that addressed getting away and working and living abroad. I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about teaching abroad in a foreign country a bit more in depth. This is what first got me started traveling the world, and …

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