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Some of Australia’s Must-Eats

Prawns on the barbie

You may not know what Australian cuisine is like you know Italian or Chinese, but they have some divine dishes for you to try during your visit. While this list is of course not exhaustive of all the scrumptious bites you can taste, this should surely give your taste buds …

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How to Make Filipino Adobo


As mentioned in our article of 10 Filipino Dishes to Experience, Adobo is one of the most popular dishes in the Philippines and a favorite for many. It may have Spanish roots, but the Filipino version is prepared and marinated quite differently. Different but easy, you probably already have all …

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How to Make Kuih Ketayap


Did your mouth water after reading about Malaysia’s desserts? If so, I suggest you head to the kitchen and whip up those flavourful green crepe-like treats, better known as Kuih Ketayap. What makes this dessert so special, besides the flavour and color, is its uniqueness making it the perfect choice …

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How to Make Nasi Lemak

Malayasian Nasi Lemak

…And now we are on to Malaysian food after a great write up from Irene on the 10 Malaysian Dishes to Experience. As mentioned, Nasi Lemak is known as Malaysia’s National Dish. While it may not be so healthy, with nicknames like ‘fatty rice’, this flavorful rice will have you …

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How to Make Thai Fried Rice


Why haven’t we posted “How to Make Thai Fried Rice” yet? I don’t know, but I think it is time! Also known as Khao Pad, this dish is one of the most common dishes in Thailand (& many other Asian countries) and comes in a variety of options. From pineapple …

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How to Make Mango with Sticky Rice


One thing that almost all travelers fall in love with in Thailand is an exotic desert known as Mango with Sticky Rice or Kao Niew Ma Muang. The key to this fantastic dish is the rice, which must be sweet or glutinous. Don’t even think about using Jasmine rice! For …

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How to Make Singaporean Laksa


For those chilly nights, no dish can give as much comfort as Laksa. This coconut creamy soup-like goodness is a pure treat and not so difficult to make. Head to your local Asian grocery store to stock up on the following ingredients: Coconut Milk Laksa Paste or Sauce Onions Red …

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How to Make Som Tam/Thai Papaya Salad


Probably the second most popular dish in Thailand after Pad Thai is Som Tam or Papaya Salad. As mentioned in a previous post, it’s best enjoyed by those with a strong threshold for spice. It’s one of those salads you can never get enough of..as long as you like spice …

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How to Make Chicken Rice


Now that you learned how to make the traditional Thai dish, Pad Thai, it’s time to learn the traditional Singaporean dish. Hainanese Chicken Rice, labeled Singapore’s ‘national dish’ is surprisingly very simple to make. It is a simple dish after all and all the flavour is focused on the rice, …

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