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Indonesia Public Holidays Schedule 2014


Unlike the country itself, Indonesia’s public holidays are not as diverse: Most are centered around the celebration of Islamic festivals since the people are predominantly Muslim. Indonesians enjoy “cuti bersama” or long weekends that have been instituted to encourage domestic travel. The Coordinating Minister for the People’s Welfare has not …

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Malaysia Public Holidays Schedule 2017


Multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, Malaysia has been the subject of British interest from the 18th century until the country’s independence from the latter’s rule in 1957. As the “Land of Mountains”, Malaysia enchants the nature lover with its rich flora and fauna, and delights the extreme backpacker with its cheap and …

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Vietnam Public Holidays Schedule 2017


For many men and women in the (United States) armed forces, Vietnam may bring up less than pleasant memories. But for budget travelers keen on stretching their dollars and covering as much ground as the greenback can buy, Vietnam is a traveler’s paradise. Blessed with glittering coastlines and verdant mountains, …

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Japan’s Public Holiday Schedule 2013


Japan is a country with deep cultural and historical roots. Its faith is also an important factor, with the country celebrating many festivals all throughout the year. However, not all holidays are considered nationwide public holiday and may vary from region to region. Japan’s official public holidays are established by …

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Cambodia’s Public Holiday Schedule 2013


Cambodia’s holidays are based on a mixture of historical events, cultural practices and beliefs, and appreciation for their nation’s leaders. For 2013, the country has nineteen (19) declared public holidays. International New Year’s Day 2013 – 01 January, Tuesday Cambodia celebrates the beginning of the Gregorian calendar along with the …

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China’s Public Holiday Schedule 2013


A country with a long history and rich culture like China has many celebrations and festivals scattered throughout the year. Officially, the country has seven public holidays when people can enjoy a days off from work or school. Government offices and embassies, schools and most banks are closed on these …

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Turkey’s Public Holiday Schedule 2013


Turkey has always been at the crossroads since the beginning of time. Straddling two continents – Asia and Europe – Turkey witnessed several changing of hands before it finally became a sovereign state. Unlike other deeply devout Muslim countries, Turkey balances the influence of religion to public life and celebrates …

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Maldives Public Holiday Schedule 2013


Maldives is slowly making it back to the travel scene after the devastation of the 2004 tsunami. An island nation highly dispersed in the Indian Ocean, Maldives is that chain of coral atolls that look like a necklace from afar. Because of its cobalt blue waters and almost year-round sunshine, …

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