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Mobile Apps for Traveling in Southeast Asia


From restaurant reviews to culture and history The rising prominence of state-of-the-art mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has definitely enabled modern-day travelers to access a virtual treasure trove of information right in the palm of their hands. These days, it’s not too surprising to find out that there’s a …

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Taking Classes While Traveling in Southeast Asia

Krabi, Thailand (Photo by Erwin Soo)

With such legendary travel destinations as Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam, it is no wonder that Southeast Asia is some travelers’ favorite destination. It’s a land of beautiful landscapes, ethnic food, and endless adventure. Unfortunately however, the best time to visit this remarkable location is during the winter, a time that …

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Top 5 Dive Spots in Southeast Asia

Talk about color that pops. (Photo by Erwin Soo)

Southeast Asia provides some of the most diverse and brilliant waters to dive in the world. Boasting the majority of the world’s underwater critters and corals along with the visibility is unprecedented. There are far more than 5 amazing spots to dive, but here are some that top the list …

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Top 5 spots in Southeast Asia

Singapore (Photo by Erwin Soo)

For several years now, Southeast Asia has been the destination of choice for travellers looking to take a break from the norm, discover new cultures and experience a different way of life. Whether you’re planning on backpacking around Indochina, exploring the region on an organised tour or taking advantage of …

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How to Look After Your Money While In South East Asia

Got money concerns? Whether you are travelling into Southeast Asia for business or for a holiday, it’s important that you get your finances intact. What does this mean? Simple. You must have accessible budget whenever you travel around Southeast Asia. How do you make that happen? Again it’s simple. Enroll …

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How To Pack For Southeast Asia

Packing light is the way to go. (Photo by Erwin Soo)

Coming to Southeast Asia for your next vacation? Great idea! But, before you break out your heavy suitcase and start throwing in the bikinis and swimming trunks, read this article for some advice on how and what to pack for a holiday in Southeast Asia. Even if you’re not a …

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7 Tips For Bargaining in Southeast Asia

You’ve got a lot of shopping to do in S.E. Asia (Photo by Erwin Soo)

Need some souvenirs to take home? Looking for that perfect wall hanging or beach sarong? Fancy a knock-off watch or handbag? Negotiating for prices in Southeast Asia is a great social leveler–whether you’re staying poolside in a five-star resort or bunking up in a hostel dormitory, you’ll face the same …

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The 4 Best Airports of Southeast Asia

Changi Airport, Singapore

When I fly internationally, I’m usually thinking more about my destination than about the airports I’ll stop at on the way. But sometimes, like when planes are delayed or when I want to plan an extra-long layover so I can do some sightseeing between flights, the airport becomes not only …

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Five Thrilling Animal Encounters in Southeast Asia

Elephant Adventures (Photo by Miguel Vieira)

Traveling through Southeast Asia brings us in contact with exotic food, flowers, people, and wildlife. Animal lovers who visit the region have a unique chance to see some of the world’s most interesting animals up close. Here are five ways tourists can encounter local wildlife: 1) Ride an Elephant through …

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Fabulous Flowers of Southeast Asia

Golden Shower Tree (Photo by Miguel Vieira)

More than just a beautiful decoration in local parks, flowers in Southeast Asia are significant in both culture and religion. Worldwide, red roses have come to represent passion and romantic love; likewise, in Southeast Asia, there are many other flowers that symbolize emotions, characteristics or ideals. The blooms you see …

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