15 of the Best Places to Visit in Ireland in 2016


The best places to visit in Ireland represent what the country has to offer: rich, natural beauty as well as history paired with the modern world. You can transport yourself back in time by visiting the best places in Ireland and get lost in all that the country has to …

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The Must See’s and the Who Knew’s of Rome


Of the most popular cities in Europe to visit, Rome would certainly make the top 10 list. But when you finally make it to the ancient and magical city of Rome, the list of things to do might seem endless. Here are some of the absolute must sees as well …

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5 Fabulous places to see on Cyprus


Located on the scenic and gorgeous Mediterranean Sea is an island gem teeming with adventure and beauty. Clear blue waters, majestic mountain ranges, breath-taking nature and amazing food are all experienced here on island of Cyprus. There is plenty to take in while you’re visiting but to give you a …

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A Day In Oxford England

Christchurch college and meadow

Just reading the word Oxford conjures up images of Gothic buildings, rowing on the Thames River, Punting on the Cherwell, Students with colourful scarfs riding bicycles down cobbled stoned streets etc. etc. Back in the Second World War Oxford was spared the ravages of bombing raids and so boasts to …

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12 Film Locations to Check Out While in London

Big Ben

London offers a diverse culture of cinema. From action films to zombie flicks and everything in between, there’s a location for every movie lover. Classics such as A Clockwork Orange were filmed on its very streets. Landmarks like the Big Ben help set the scene. Looking to visit the city …

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Paris: Let the Winter Fun Begin

A smart man should know how to earn more than his woman can spend; a smart woman should know how to find such a man; and smart persons should know that, even if they take life seriously they are not going to get out of it alive. Hence shed your …

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Stylish Istanbul: A Roundup of the Best Bars

Istanbul Nightlife (Photo by Erwin Soo)

Istanbul in Turkey is an absolutely amazing city to visit when it comes to nightlife. Whether you want to sip cocktails with incredible metropolis panoramas, enjoy some wine at a pavement cafe or soak up the atmosphere at a bohemian hangout, this place has it all. Today, I’m going to …

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A Guide to Majorca’s Best Dishes

Majorca (Photo by Erwin Soo)

Although Majorca is part of Spain, the fact that it’s an island means there are some local specialities that you won’t necessarily find on the mainland. Majorcan cuisine features a lot of Spanish influences, make no mistake, but there are some incredibly varied dishes to sample if you’re a foodie. …

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