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Mauritius: Waiting to be invaded

Honeymoon Couple

Mauritius has had its attractive charm for foreigners dating back to the 10th century. Then came the Portuguese, then the Dutch, later the French and the British were also no left behind. And neither should you be left behind. Mauritius is a splendorous work of nature with wonderful beaches, blue …

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So You Want To Get Away?


You’re ready to get away. You want to travel. You have only one problem. You don’t know how you will up hold yourself while traveling without saving tons of money first. While you’re going to have to work on that money situation, here are a few ideas to get the …

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So You Want to be Abroad Long-Term?

Make it happen!

You love to travel. So do we! I’m guessing that’s why you’re reading this article and surfing this website. Do you wonder how we do it? Do you want to do it? Are you ready for me to tell you all the magical little secrets involved with traveling the world …

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Taking Classes While Traveling in Southeast Asia

Krabi, Thailand (Photo by Erwin Soo)

With such legendary travel destinations as Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam, it is no wonder that Southeast Asia is some travelers’ favorite destination. It’s a land of beautiful landscapes, ethnic food, and endless adventure. Unfortunately however, the best time to visit this remarkable location is during the winter, a time that …

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Thailand’s Hidden Gems

Phimai (Photo by Erwin Soo)

As soon as you arrive in Thailand, it is easy to see why so many adventurous backpackers and intrepid travellers make this particular country a bucket list priority. Visiting the region is easier than ever before, with cheap flights to Thailand, affordable accommodation, numerous attractions and several activities on offer …

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5 of Vietnam’s Best Beaches

Now that's some clear water (Photo by Erwin Soo)

When people thing of Vietnam they probably think of some of their famous dishes, perhaps their history or even their monuments. The last thing on people’s minds are beaches and that’s where their wrong. Vietnam is getting up there on the beach scene, so the next time you are cruising …

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How to Look After Your Money While In South East Asia

Got money concerns? Whether you are travelling into Southeast Asia for business or for a holiday, it’s important that you get your finances intact. What does this mean? Simple. You must have accessible budget whenever you travel around Southeast Asia. How do you make that happen? Again it’s simple. Enroll …

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Teetering on Thailand’s Edges

Karen long neck family in their colorful garb

When most people come to Southeast Asia they try to knock out a few countries at once. Perhaps Thailand, Laos, and Myanmar are all on your list. If they are, why rush around on the inside and skip the edges? Sometimes the border towns are the most interesting because they …

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Top 7 Singapore Landmarks Bathed in Neon Light

Clarke Quay has become a dining,wining and R&R hotspot

Singapore has earned a reputation as a sterile urban Utopia defined by its squeaky clean streets, public transport that runs – to the last minute – according to published schedule, and an international airport that handles 51 million passengers a year without suffering an inconvenient glitch or a complete nervous …

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West America “Rocks”!

Monument Valley

The American West is home to some of the most magnificent and breathtaking rock formations that have found their way in travel glossies, outdoor magazines, documentaries and the silver screen. More than just jaw-dropping sights, the following rock formations across the United States tell a lot of stories about the …

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