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Turkey Public Holidays Schedule 2014

The Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Turkey is a land deeply rooted to its millennia-old traditions while its more cosmopolitan cities Istanbul and capital, Ankara, accommodate changes brought about by its proximity to more forward-looking European cities. While devoutly Islam, Turkey acknowledges the need to celebrate nationally significant events on equal frequency with religious festivities. Keep …

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Macau Public Holidays Schedule 2014


Across the Fragrant Harbor is Hong Kong’s sister, Macau. Though part of China administratively, Macau is commercially and economically autonomous and able to represent itself in these matters; hence, Macau’s casino industry is a major tourist draw. On the historical front, Macau permeates a Portuguese air, having been the latter’s …

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Myanmar Public Holidays Schedule 2014


Myanmar or Burma is playing with political reforms which in turn open up its tourism potential as an unsullied Southeast Asian country with no Golden Arches or Starbucks (yet) in sight. As a Buddhist nation, the Burmese celebrate most of its holidays as religious occasions, apart from the handful that …

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Laos Public Holidays Schedule 2014


Lao PDR celebrates most of its public holidays as homage to the achievements and accomplishments of the ruling single-party socialists. In fact, only the New Year’s Day and Laotian Songkran are non-civic events while the rest are of nationalist/socialist nature. (It has to be noted, however, that many other Buddhist …

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Songkran Festival 2014

Water Fight

The Songkran Festival in Thailand is celebrated as the country’s traditional New Year’s Day. To the Thais, Songkran is one of the happiest and most anticipated holidays of the year. The festival has been celebrated in the country for centuries, but is believed to be adapted from a holiday in …

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Bangladesh Public Holidays Schedule 2014


Bangladesh is an Indian subcontinent country pulsating with potential in the IT and business process outsourcing industry. Despite these very modern endeavors, Bangladesh remains true to its heritage with the celebration of its time-honored festivals that are both religious and national in nature. Below are Bangladesh public holidays 2014. (Islamic …

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India’s Public Holidays Schedule 2014


India’s cultural diversity is staggering, and this is best reflected in the many public holidays the state and the nation as a whole celebrate. Given the deep devotion of Indians to their varied faiths, the majority of the festivals are religious in nature. India public holidays 2014 are categorized into …

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Australia’s Public Holiday Schedule 2014


Australia’s public holidays can be state or national, and there are only a few public holidays that all Australian states share, despite claims that it is the “land of long weekends.” (In fact, China and Japan may altogether be a more fitting title-holder.) Nonetheless, Australia’s public holidays often take the …

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Nepal’s Public Holiday Schedule 2014


Nepal’s landscape evokes a sense of calm and tranquility, but its bid for nationhood does not. The 2013 Constituent Assembly elections is yet to be conducted later in November, and its outcomes will either put the country on a stalemate, or help it push forward for democracy. There’s plenty more …

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