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Sibuyan Island: Way Off the Beaten Path

Sibuyan can be reached 5 to 6 hours by boat

There is a compelling reason why Sibuyan Island should be on the radar of every eco-traveler: It is one of the rare islands in the Philippines where primary growth forest can still be seen fringing the coast. Population pressures and clearing of the land for agriculture use have markedly reduced …

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Sibuyan Island: Galapagos of Asia

Pristine canopy extends to lower elevations

If there’s one thing that has become very rare in the Philippines, it is its rainforests. Rarer still is primary growth forest fringing a coastline, which have all been cleared in the past to give way to human habitation and agriculture. This sorry state of environmental affairs in the Philippines …

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Photo Essay: San Juan, Siquijor

Deserted San Juan beach in a residential area

In a separate post, we named Siquijor as one of the top 10 beach destinations in the Philippines. While Salagdoong Beach in the town of Maria is a strong contender, it is not as long as the beaches in the town of San Juan. The latter is not only significant …

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Photo Essay: Lazi, Siquijor

Side view of Lazi Convent

“Laci” is synonymous to heritage. Inferring from the sheer size of its convent to the remarkable interior architecture of its church, I could tell that this place must have been one hotbed of religious activity. As it turned out, the Lazi convent was the retreat center, in the late 19th …

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Photo Essay: Maria, Siquijor

The C-shaped beach on the other side of the diving platform

Maria is a common Spanish name, and it is also a name of a town in Siquijor, a province deeply devout in the Catholic faith. Maria, the town, is famous for a delectable beach and (eerie) Catholic (night-walking) image of Santa Rita. To get to Maria, you can take a …

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Top 7 Dive Sites in the Philippines

Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

Philippine beaches get more than their fair share of media attention worldwide, and rightly so. But this is not even scratching beneath the surface. If the Philippine beaches blow you away, wait until you get underwater to get the full measure of the beauty and bounty of the country. The …

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