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Public Holidays Schedule

Thailand’s Public Holiday Schedule 2016

Thailand Public Holiday 2016

Thailand’s belief in Buddhism has strongly influenced their culture. Many of the traditions and holidays the Thais celebrate are religious in origin, but some also celebrate the monarchy. Here is a list of Thailand’s holiday schedule for 2016. Religious holidays change dates based on the full moon cycle, while other …

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Bangladesh’s Public Holiday Schedule 2015


Bordered by India on the west and Myanmar on the south, Bangladesh is one of the countries in South Asia which has displayed significant advancement in economic and political growth as well as other aspects of development including human, social, health and education. The country showcases its world class attractions …

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Malaysia’s Public Holiday Schedule 2015


Malaysia since its independence in 1957 has a flourishing economic growth in Southeast Asia. The country’s diverse culture and tradition have become a unique attraction among its increasing visitors. British colonialism has occurred in the 18th century with the country’s potential to development in addition to its fascinating location in …

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Philippines Public Holiday Schedule 2015

Coron Islands

The Philippines lies in the Southeast Asia as a tropical country rich with natural resources. This destination is very popular not only for its outstanding beauty but hospitable people. Known as the “Pearl of the Orient Seas’, the Philippine archipelago prides itself as a unified country amidst diverse culture, tradition …

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Singapore’s Public Holiday Schedule 2015


Singapore is one of the world’s most visited tourist destination in the Asia. The country has undoubtedly gained high recognition to many tourists because of its dramatic change in economy, business, tourism industry, infrastructure, government and the atmosphere as a whole. No wonder why many visitors considered the country as …

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