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About Us

Hello and welcome to ThaHoliday.com (ThaHoliday)!

ThaHoliday was founded in May 2012 by traveler and Hong Kong native, Chris. Chris had a passion to contribute to society especially to fellow travelers like himself. He also had a passion for Southeast Asia and frequently visited. While brainstorming ideas, he decided that a travel blog dedicated to his favorite countries, Thailand and Singapore, could be more beneficial than any guidebook. Only five months later did the blog’s success bring in more writers, more countries, and more readers (thank you!).

Meet Our Team:

Lauren Sgarlato
Project Manager & Blogger

Going from business traveler to backpacker/couchsurfer, Lauren ditched her corporate New York life at the start of 2009 and has been exploring the world consistently since then. From a RTW trip to living in Australia to living in Brazil, she’s experienced life to the fullest. While on the road, she thoroughly enjoyed her time in Southeast Asia visiting Thailand and Singapore, where she partied her way through fun festivals, created friendships with locals, swam in the clearest waters, ate traditional and sometimes strange cuisine, shopped till she dropped, hiked through recommended National Parks, and much much more! Besides her passion for travel, she loves to dance like nobody’s watching! She currently resides in Rio de Janeiro, but knows the wanderlust will sweep her away very soon.

Cherry Vic Patalita

Cherry Vic Patalita is an ex-bank employee who answered the call of the wild so she could travel and write at the same time. To satisfy her lust for the outdoors, she’s gone solo backpacking in Central Philippines, and did some snorkeling and spelunking in between. She also picked up a couple of dialects along the way during her time in Boracay, Cebu, and Manila. Her next year’s plane tickets are routed for Palawan and Bangkok. She looks forward to meet the relatives, as well as the Tagbanwa, ethnic guardians of Palawan. Cherry currently resides in her home province of Negros, where her time with indigenous communities proved to be most educational, and made her realize that she is a nomad at heart just like her Aeta forebears.

Beth Green
Guest Blogger

 Beth Green is an American freelance writer and English teacher living in Southeast Asia. Beth grew up on a sailboat and, though now a landlubber, still enjoys a peripatetic life. So far, she’s lived in Florida, Alaska, the Czech Republic, Spain, China, Thailand, the Philippines and a few places in between. For her “day job” she works as a freelance content writer, writing coach, proofreader and social media manager. She is a fan of international crime fiction, and also pens suspense about travel and expatriate living. When not immersed in reading books or working on her laptop, Beth enjoys scuba diving, photography and the art of traveling simply. For her next trip, Beth is looking forward to exploring South America or revisiting Europe.

Nina Ragusa

NinaAfter working at a “big girl job” for two years, Nina Ragusa decided sitting behind a desk, getting continuously hassled to meet quotas and dealing with yelling clients wasn’t the life for her. Since she was a little girl she always had the dream of being a well traveled person before the day she died. So after dealing with working three jobs for two years to save money to reach her dream, she said goodbye to her sunny Florida apartment, shoved her small amount of belongings into the depths of her mothers attic, and bought her one-way ticket to Thailand.
Now, two years later, with a couple of years of ESL teaching experience and travel blogging and writing under her belt, she has made her dream of the nomadic life a reality. Now-a-days, she seriously couldn’t be any happier. Since she has moved to Thailand she has been to most of the surrounding SE Asian countries like Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. She just can’t wait to see even more of this magnificent world we live in.

Richard Hurworth
Guest Blogger

RichardRichard was born and educated in England. He first got the travel bug whilst travelling in the USA as an eleven year old boy. In his early twenties, he began to visit Thailand and soon fell in love with its rich culture and friendly people.

“I would work seven days a week for three months and then spend three months backpacking around Asia. As soon as I flew home I booked another ticket and began saving every penny for my next trip”.

In 1999 Richard arrived in Thailand with a year visa and began his new life as an English Teacher. He spent the next six years working throughout Thailand and visiting almost every corner in his holidays. He learnt to speak the language and he learnt to eat Pappaya Salad without breaking into a sweat or loosing his taste buds to hot Thai chilli’s.

With such experienced travelers and bloggers, ThaHoliday is aware of the needs and wants of all types of travelers in Southeast Asia. From backpackers to business execs, ThaHoliday provides information beneficial to all travelers and for all travel purposes.

The team at ThaHoliday wants YOU to have “Tha Holiday” you’re desiring without a worry. If we missed to cover certain information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are only a quick email away!

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