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5 of the Cheapest Places to Live in the World

Cheapest Places to Stay in the World

If you’re thinking of moving to another country, whether permanently or temporarily, it’s important to consider the cost of living. Luckily, the cheapest places to live in the world are also some of the best. Countries like Cambodia, Argentina, Portugal and Colombia, for example are all beautiful and affordable. If …

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Walking in Asia: 3 Best Destinations

Terelji National Park

When you think of travelling to Asia, I bet the first words that come into your head aren’t ‘walking holiday’! In fact, many of us go to Asia for one of three things; food, shopping or lounging on the beach. However if you venture off the well-beaten tourist track, and …

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Travel: The law of relativity continues


Humans, from the day they descended on earth, have been on the move. Necessities were and are still the mother of all travels. Though, in the ancient times people only travelled when faced with scarcity of food or some mortal danger. Hence no wonders that the Latin meaning of the …

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So You Want to Teach Abroad?

Teaching in Thailand

You might have read a few articles recently from me that addressed getting away and working and living abroad. I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about teaching abroad in a foreign country a bit more in depth. This is what first got me started traveling the world, and …

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Everything You Wanted to Know While Traveling to Germany

The Birthplace of the Oktoberfest and the largest country in Central Europe, Germany is rich in culture and is a popular tourist destination. Germany engulfs many popular cities which are of great interest to travelers. The country is full of charming and unique destinations where there is abundant to see …

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So You Want To Get Away?


You’re ready to get away. You want to travel. You have only one problem. You don’t know how you will up hold yourself while traveling without saving tons of money first. While you’re going to have to work on that money situation, here are a few ideas to get the …

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So You Want to be Abroad Long-Term?

Make it happen!

You love to travel. So do we! I’m guessing that’s why you’re reading this article and surfing this website. Do you wonder how we do it? Do you want to do it? Are you ready for me to tell you all the magical little secrets involved with traveling the world …

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6 Great Southeast Asian Waterfalls

Famous Asian Waterfalls

After hiking through a leafy jungle, take off your shoes and let your feet relax in the crystal waters of a shimmering waterfall. Admire the fish swimming below and slip in the water to join them—the cool water mist from the falls a perfect antidote to a hot day. Southeast …

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Taking Classes While Traveling in Southeast Asia

Krabi, Thailand (Photo by Erwin Soo)

With such legendary travel destinations as Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam, it is no wonder that Southeast Asia is some travelers’ favorite destination. It’s a land of beautiful landscapes, ethnic food, and endless adventure. Unfortunately however, the best time to visit this remarkable location is during the winter, a time that …

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Anything To Declare?


Do You Have Anything To Declare? When traveling, passing through customs is a normal experience for most. It’s a standard procedure in most airports to declare anything unusual you are taking with you on your travels. Most of the time there is usually nothing to worry about when you have …

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