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5 Fabulous places to see on Cyprus

Located on the scenic and gorgeous Mediterranean Sea is an island gem teeming with adventure and beauty. Clear blue waters, majestic mountain ranges, breath-taking nature and amazing food are all experienced here on island of Cyprus. There is plenty to take in while you’re visiting but to give you a taste, here are five fantastic spots to start you off.

Daring the Depths

Cyprus Diving

You have been staring at the water all day and perhaps have even gone for a swim, but what’s below the crystal blue waters? Get PADI certified and dive down to find out. There are spectacular caves and ship wrecks all of which can be seen on either a day or night dive.

See the Slopes


If winter sports are your thing, then don’t think Cyprus can’t offer you a great holiday. There aren’t only beaches here. The Troodos mountains are there for you to ski and board down its slopes. Mount Olympus overseas all the other mountains topping up at 1,952 meters.

During the first quarter of the year this spot is covered in snow. Snow boarding and ski lovers can slide down any of the 6 different runs in the area all varying in length. A few of the cross country trails offer some really nice views including the Coast of Limassol and the Salt Lake.

Wine and Dine

When in Cyprus, you eat a meze. This is a traditional and popular dish to have and there are tons to try. A meze is a small selection of many things on the menu and are an excellent way to start your meal. So great in fact, you might not make to to dessert. There is a lot of food!

Your meal wouldn’t be complete without some fabulous wine, right? Cyprus was actually the first European country to produce wine and things today remain the same. There is even the Commandaria Museum to help you with the timeline of decades of wine making and pleasing. There are several wineries all ranging from your mom and pop wineries to top sellers and producers. Enjoy a glass or bottle.

Go to Church

Literally, go to church. There are a group of Byzantine Painted Churches north of Troodos that are magnificent. Although sometimes worn and humbled looking from the outside, these churches on the inside are holding something awesome. Incredible paintings and murals line the walls of these churches. It is said it’s almost as spectacular as the Sistine Chapel. Ten of these churches are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. When going to these churches be aware they some are a bit difficult to get to, however definitely worth the effort. You can check out http://www.thomascook.com/lp/1×7-last-minute-holidays/ for getting your last minute deals booked soon.

Coastal Stroll

For sometime on the beach, taking a stroll on the Limassol Coastal Walk. It’s a fantastic to explore while going for your walk. You will begin at the towns castle, pass the Ancient Amathus, and wander through gardens. There are sculptures along the walkway and when you need a bit of a break, just stop in a cute cafe nearby or do a bit of shopping at the markets.

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