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How to Travel from Bangkok to Pattaya

Pattaya is a popular seaside resort in Thailand, approximately 150 kilometers from Bangkok. It is quite easy to go to Pattaya, as it is conveniently connected to Bangkok via the Bang Na-Trat Highway (Highway 34), and through the Bangkok-Chon Buri-Pattaya Motorway (Highway 7). If your travel plans include going to Pattaya from Bangkok, you have several transportation options to choose from; budget, comfort, and the length of travel time are some of the considerations you may have in deciding which route or mode of transportation to take.

Bangkok to Pattaya by Bus

Bangkok Eastern Bus Station – Ekkamai

Taking the bus is one of the most popular and most convenient means of traveling to Pattaya from Bangkok. These buses are scheduled to depart about every 30 minutes from bus terminals in Bangkok to Pattaya, with the trip usually taking two hours (depending on the volume of traffic on the roads), with the most frequent departures coming from the Eastern Bus Terminal (situated next to the Ekkamai BTS Station on Sukhumvit Road). The air-conditioned buses are scheduled to depart daily every half an hour, from 05:20 and 23:20 and cost around THB 117.

The Northern Bus Terminal (Morchit) likewise offers air-conditioned buses to Pattaya from Bangkok, with similar prices; these buses are scheduled to depart between 05:20 and 20:00. The Southern Bus Terminal, on the other hand, is the most accessible one if you are coming from the area of Khao San Road; in this terminal, the buses going to Pattaya are scheduled to leave on these times: 05:30, 08:30, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, and 18:30.

Morchit Bus Station, Bangkok

Second class air-conditioned buses are also available for travel from Bangkok to Pattaya, and these buses will be more convenient to take if you are going to Jomtien Beach, since many of these buses continue the journey to Jomtien; this bus option will save you the time and the hassle of having to go to Pattaya, and then taking the transportation onwards to Jomtien. The fares for second class buses are about THB 20 cheaper than that of the first class air-conditioned ones, although the trip may take longer compared to the first class option. Upon alighting from the second class bus in Pattaya on South Pattaya Road, you will then have to arrange for transfers to your designated accommodation.

Bangkok to Pattaya by Taxi

A Pattaya Metered Taxi on Silom Road, Bangkok

Traveling by taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya is an ideal option if you wish to travel in the comfort and privacy of your own vehicle, and if you wish to be deposited directly to your hotel/resort in Pattaya (without having to arrange for your own transfers after getting off a bus). You can flag a taxi, or arrange for it to pick you up from your Bangkok hotel, sit back and relax on the journey – and arrive still full of energy in your Pattaya accommodation. The official fare from Bangkok to Pattaya is THB 1500 exclusive of expressway fees, and travel time is approximately two hours (depending on the traffic situation).

You can also take a taxi from Bangkok International Airport (Suvarnabhumi Airport); expect to be given a flat fare for the journey to Pattaya, as taxi meters are not used for trips that are outside the Bangkok metro area. Travel time can be as short as one and a half hours with light traffic on the roads, to about two hours or more if heavy traffic is present en route to Pattaya.

Bangkok to Pattaya by Private Vehicle

You can arrange for a private vehicle to take you from Bangkok to Pattaya through your hotel, or through a travel agency; those in the Khao San Road area offer transfers using mini-vans, with the fare at around THB 400 per person. If you prefer to have the private vehicle to yourself, you can arrange to be picked up from your Bangkok hotel and travel comfortably directly to the lodging of your choice Pattaya.

Bangkok to Pattaya by Coaches/Vans (Highly recommended)

Bell Travel Service is one of the companies in Thailand offering door-to-door transportation services between Bangkok and Pattaya hotels, and also the Bangkok International Airport (Suvarnabhumi Airport). This mode of transportation is a shared transfer, where one coach or van is shared with other travelers. The air-conditioned coaches and vans are equipped with on-board restrooms for added comfort; you can arrange to be picked up from the airport or your Bangkok hotel (a list of official pick up and drop off points will be provided), and will then be taken to downtown Pattaya so you can start exploring the wonders of this seaside resort.

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Photos by Ian Fullerrjhintz and Ian Fuller

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