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Quality and Beauty: Review of Point Yamu by COMO

There is certainly no shortage of luxury resorts at Phuket. The COMO Hotels & Resorts presents Point Yamu, a new luxury resort situated at the tip of Cape Yamu. It overlooks the Andaman Bay, and offers a view of the limestone carsts of the Phang Nga Bay.

The hotel is running on soft operation until January 2015, but that doesn’t mean the hotel isn’t ready for a full scale operation. COMO Hotels and Resorts is known for offering luxurious travel experiences to its guests, and takes pride in giving personlized services in locations that are elegant and memorable. Point Yabu belongs to COMO’s Island Resorts line.

Hotel Overview

The design of Point Yamu takes inspiration from its surroundings. Uncluttered, contemporary designs are married with colorful and tasteful palettes. Its predominant blue and turquoise accents bring to mind the surrounding Andaman Sea. The design also takes strong inspiration from the culture of Phuket. Take note of the Sino patterned tiles of white and grey on the floors.


There are 79 rooms and suites, with private terraces overlooking either the Phang Nga Bay or the Cape’s green landscape. Each room offers beds with Egyptian cotton linens, en suite bath and shower, air-conditioning and mini bar with complimentary tea, coffee, bottled water and daily fruit. The COMO Shambhala, the brand’s wellness arm, supplies the hotel’s bathroom amenities. Satellite TVs, multimedia hubs, direct dial telephones, and WiFi connections are also available in the rooms, and a private safe provides secure storage for your valuables.

Guests can take their pick of rooms and suites that have just a balcony or veranda, or rooms and suites that have direct pool access. Probably the best rooms to select are the Phang Nga Pool Suite, which not just has its own balcony and an amazing view of the bay, but also its own pool deck. If traveling with family, the Point Yamu Suite is the best option, as its second seating area can be converted into a sleeping area, and the dining table can seat six people, eight if you squeeze it in.

Honeymooners will find the COMO Suite more to their speed. Aside from the amenities of a pool and balcony, it offers extra privacy for couples. However, the rooms can also be connect to two Bay Rooms (standard rooms) which allow for family accommodations. This works as a plus for the Point Yamu hotel, as it takes into consideration the fact that it’s not just couples who go on vacation, but also families and groups of friends.

For the ultimate privacy and flexibility, Point Yamu also offers one or two-bedroom pool villas. This allows more space for guests to move around, and it feels more like a private residence. Great for longer stays and bigger groups, or those who wish to really get away from it all.

Two Bedroom Pool Villa
COMO suite
Verandah Room


COMO’s cuisine offerings are varied. Despite this, the quality and flavor of the food is no less than fantastic. Each hotel or resort features something unique to its location. Local seafood is one of the staple offerings, and is presented in an array of Thai specialities, Italian dishes, or COMO’s healthy Shambhala Cuisine, which takes advantage of organic ingredients available from around the area. Guests can have their meals at the La Sirena Italian restaurant, the Nahmyaa Thai restaurant, the Aqua Bar or the Lobby Lounge. Private dining and room service are also available.

Note that availability of certain foods is seasonal, and during the non-peak tourist season, the Thai restaurant is closed for lunch. A limited menu is offered though, so guests can still order and enjoy their meal from the comfort of their rooms.

La Sirena Italian Restaurant
Nahmyaa Thai Restaurant

Events and Facilities

Point Yamu is a great place to hold events, such as weddings, birthdays, or other celebrations. The staff injects a personal approach in setting everything up, and this includes preparing the venue — decor, flowers, music, as well as the food. Point Yamu is also a great venue for business related events, and other occasions.

Wedding Ceremony

Airport transfers and getting around

Hotel concierge can make arrangements for guest transfers from the airport to Point Yamu. The resort is about 25 minutes away from the airport, but the travel time may change depending on the flow of traffic. Note that staff (or anyone who isn’t really traveling) is not allowed inside the terminal, so you need to proceed outside after immigration to meet the hotel representative. Resort limousine costs THB 2,600 per car per way and unfortunately, there are no reliable bus or train services from the airport to the resort.

Point Yamu will also be able to make arrangements for various activities or destinations that their guests would like to avail of. These activities include sports like golf, tennis, rock climbing, and other water sports that take advantage of the area’s tropical weather. The more adventurous types might want to try their hand at Thai boxing and rock climbing.

Of course, Thailand’s culture and traditions is also one of the greatest attractions the country has to offer. Don’t be surprised to see many Buddhist elements in the art and daily lives of the Thais, as religion plays a dominant role. Phuket, however, is also a melting pot of cultures, and guests may see a unique blend of Chinese, Sino-Portuguese, and Malaysian Muslim influences in the art, cuisine, architecture and even traditions of the town.


Guests can’t say enough good things about Point Yamu. It has a lot of similar amenities as with other luxury resorts, but so far it is one of the few that readily provides for group or family, as opposed to resorts that cater mostly to couples or single travelers.

Staff and customer service is also fast and reliable. Response time is quick, and everyone is polite when receiving your requests.

The hotel is about 45 minutes away from Patong beach, and about 30 minutes from Phuket town. Strictly speaking, the hotel is out of the way of the usual destinations in Phuket. If you are looking for quick access to the happening places around Phuket town, then Point Yamu is not for you.

However, the distance is not too bad, as you already have all that you need at the hotel. Cab fares are a little on the expensive side, and most drivers do not speak English. They charge people for each trip rather than use a meter. The resort can make arrangements for guests to rent private vehicles, and that is usually hired by the hour, or by half or full day increments.

Guests can also rent a car while at the airport. A valid license is needed, and rates begin at THB 1,700 per day for a regular sedan. This also covers insurance.

Budget conscious travelers might not find this the ideal place to stay. However, the hotel does offer various promotions and packages, which guests can take advantage of should they want to save a little but still experience the beauty of Point Yamu. The daily rate is for bed and breakfast, and a selection of activities. The hotel does offer a ‘best rate’ guarantee, wherein they will match a lower booking rate within 24 hours after guests have booked a room under the same conditions. They will even add 10% discount on the rate.

Despite a few limitations, Point Yamu has much to offer its guests. With the advantage of an established hotel brand supporting it, it’s no wonder it’s considered as the best hotel in the area.

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