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The Must See’s and the Who Knew’s of Rome

Of the most popular cities in Europe to visit, Rome would certainly make the top 10 list. But when you finally make it to the ancient and magical city of Rome, the list of things to do might seem endless. Here are some of the absolute must sees as well as a few of the lesser known activities and sites of Rome.

Must See!

To see the world’s smallest sovereign state just wander into Vatican City. There’s nearly an infinite amount of incredible masterpieces in any of the Vatican’s museums. The most noteworthy and famous Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel is here to blow away any visitor.

Wandering the museums of the Vatican could take ages, but when you’re ready for a bit of fresh air without saying goodbye to the wonderful history Rome offers, head to the Colosseum and see the vast arena that held some epic and brutal gladiator fights and competitions, and is now known as the iconic symbol of the city. This amazing structure is considered to be one of the most impressive Roman structures in Roman engineering and architecture, and once you are in its presence, it’s very easy to see why. Despite its ruinous state, its colossal windows, huge arena, stadium seating, and unground caverns are humbling to any explorer inside the ancient amphitheater. For an in-depth journey through this ancient wonder, take a Colosseum tour.

For more Roman wonderings the Roman Forum is great spot to see ruins of Roman gods, basilicas, imperial arches, and a host of other Roman remains. The 18th century Trevi Fountain features a beautiful depiction of Neptune guided by Tritons and the Roman Gods of the Sea are the center point of a large pool in which the fountain flows beneath the characters into.

Who Knew?

You have been stuffing your face with the most amazing cheese, the tastiest sauces, and the most perfectly cooked pasta for days on end, wouldn’t it be great to get to know more about the pasta your eating? Of course it would, and the Pasta Museum is a fun place to learn more about it. Here you can also see some of tool used throughout history and even see some art!

After you have had your fill with pasta and pasta knowledge, go work off some of the calories and train to be a gladiator. If you were going to train to be one, what better place than Rome? Gear up in your armor and take a two-hour lesson at the Historic Group of Rome.

For an interesting site, just outside the main city, you might be a bit shocked to find a pyramid. The Pyramid of Cestius is another ancient structure of the city and just so happens to stand at a fork in the road.

Should you be into ghosts and ghouls, maybe you should join a ghost tour. There’s said to be some ghosts that wonder the castles at any given time, some holding their own heads. A few of the others are somewhat shy and only decide to come around a few times a year, like the famous ghost of Beatrice Cenci.

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