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Top 5 Drinks in Thailand

Among the flavourful exotic meals, Thailand’s drinks are just as flamboyant and delicious. Whether with alcohol or without, your tastebuds will thank you! Fresh fruit juices are very common and come in all different colors, flavours, and temperatures, but with so many amazing fruit drinks, I couldn’t narrow this list down without eliminating some important beverages. The following are Thailand’s top five drinks excluding the fruity ones.

1) Thai Iced Tea 

Thai Iced Tea

Better known as Cha Yen to locals, Thai Iced Tea is one of the most traditional drinks of Thailand. Its bright orange color has attracted many curious eyes and its strong sweetness has got tasters hooked. Prepared hot or cold, there are many different variations to make the drink. Thai tea is mixed with sugar and one of the following; condensed milk, evaporated milk, coconut milk, or half and half. Additional ingredients can be tamarind, orange blossom water, star anise, cinnamon, and other spices. It can be ordered at a restaurant served in a tall glass or on the street in a plastic bag. Whatever the case, do not leave Thailand without trying Thai Iced Tea. This thick sweet tea will make you forget coffee, no matter how addicted you are.

2) Thai Coffee

Thai Coffee

Speaking of coffee, all addicts will fall in love with Cafe Boran (ancient coffee). It can be best described in three words; rich, strong, and sweet. Mixed with sweetened condensed milk and cream, the coffee grinds are usually steeped in a cloth-like filter. Some even throw in cardamom and coriander!

3) Thai Beer

Chang beer in a Singha beerglass

Thailand has two beers that have gained popularity among all beer drinkers; Singha and Chang. Singha is a favorite for its taste while Chang is favored for its dirt cheap price. They constantly battle for the number one spot on Thailand’s top selling beer list. Regardless of the gold medalist, both are refreshing and go great with those spicy Thai dishes.

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4) Thai Whiskey

Thai Whiskey

The good old whiskies, MeKhong and SongSam, are best friends of most backpackers partying in Thailand. Although, calling them whiskey doesn’t actually make much sense since they’re more rum-like being made with 95% sugarcane and molasses and 5% rice. While MeKhong is the oldest, SongSam is the leading whiskey in Thailand’s industry. The ultimate party experience in Thailand involves drinking out of buckets, in which the main ingredient is usually Thai Whiskey.

5) Thai Red Bull

Thai Red Bull

Did you know the Red Bull sold in the Western world isn’t original? It’s actually an inspiration of the original Thai Red Bull, known as Krating Deang which translates to Red Bull. Sweeter and uncarbonated from the one you might be used to, this beverage is a pick me upper for many Thai’s and travelers in the country.

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