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Hong Kong’s Public Holiday Schedule 2015

Hong Kong Skyline

Hong Kong has been a favorite holiday destination of many tourists from all over the world. There are just simply many things to offer to everyone; kids and adults alike. There are too many places in Hong Kong that are worth visiting.

Their top holiday destinations include the Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park which are ideal destinations for the whole family, the Ladies’ Market and Temple Street Night Market where you will find lots of great souvenirs, clothing and accessories among many other great finds at very affordable prices. You will also enjoy other attractions such as the Avenue of Stars, The Peak, Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (and Golden Bauhinia Square) among many others.

Before you pack your things up for an ultimate getaway at Hong Kong, check for its public holidays and book a trip:

1. New Year’s Day – January 1, Thursday

Anywhere in the world, most countries are celebrating the New Year’s Day which marks the start of the Gregorian calendar. This holiday is normally celebrated with colorful lights, fireworks display, family reunions, gift giving and New Year’s resolutions.

2. Chinese New Year – February 19, Thursday

This is a celebration for a huge number of Chinese communities in Hong Kong and around the world. Unlike the Gregorian calendar, Chinese New Year marks the beginning of the Chinese calendar. This occasion is basically highlighted with dragon dances, colorful dresses, Chinese foods and colorful decorations. This is also known as Lunar New Year or Spring Festival.

3. 2nd Day of Chinese New Year – February 20, Friday

Chinese New Year on the 2nd day is another holiday in the country which provides extended day of rest for its people.

4. 3rd Day of Chinese New Year – February 21, Saturday

This also considered as one of the traditional holidays for Chinese being an occasion for more days of rest and recreation.

5. Good Friday – April 3, Friday

For Christians everywhere across the globe, Good Friday is an important tradition which resembles Christ passion and crucifixion. For Christians, he offered has life to redeem the sins of the world as son of God. Christians commemorate this occasion through offering prayers, visiting churches and refraining for earthly activities through abstinence.

6. Holy Saturday – April 4, Saturday

The Christian community and the bible considers this day as the Eve of Easter Feast and the day where the body of Christ laid on the tomb. Abstinence from activities such as liquor, eating meat and even sexual intercourses are being refrained. This is also one of the sacred dates for Christians to reflect and repent.

7. Ching Ming Festival – April 5, Sunday

Most people in Hong Kong gave this day a time where they can visit graveyards to clean, light candles and incense. During the festival, people burn paper offerings because ancestors believed that these can be used by their dear departed families in afterlife. This celebration is also known as the Sweeping Tomb Festival.

8. Labor Day – May 1, Friday

For workers around the globe, this day is very important for them because they are given a day to rest and relax. This also marks the start of spring.

9. Buddha’s Birthday – May 25, Monday

This is one of the highest celebrations for Buddhist followers. This is the birth of the Prince Gautama Buddha which is basically celebrated at a full moon of Vaisakha month based on Buddhist calendar. Prayers, praises and good work is being observed by the followers as resemblance to the holiness of Buddha.

10. Dragon Boat Festival – June 20, Saturday

Also known as Tuen ng Festival, this is one of the most entertaining festivities in the country. This is also one of Chinese ancient’s traditions that draw thousands of people at Victoria Harbour. Nowadays, this has become an international sports event where professional dragon boat athletes around the globe compete.

11. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day – July 1, Wednesday

Since 1997, this event is celebrated every year to commemorate the sovereignty of the region from the colony of United Kingdom. This is also the establishment of Hong Kong as administrative region. The event is being enthralled with lively fireworks display and several political rallies.

12. Day After Mid-Autumn Festival – September 28, Monday

Since the Shang Dynasty, Chinese has embarked this day as one of the most celebrated festivities in Hong Kong. This festivity falls on mid-autumn which is renowned for family gatherings, prayers and thanksgiving for good harvest.

13. National Day of the People’s Republic of China – October 1, Thursday

This day is declared as the National Holiday where the People’s Republic of China was founded. This was declaration was made official through a resolution passed by the Central People’s Government last December 2, 1949. Since then, October 1 of every year is celebrated with fireworks display and several government organized activities.

14. Chung Yeung Festival – October 21, Wednesday

The traditional way of Hong Kong ancestors is reflected through this celebration. People are usually engaged in cemeteries for old worship practices. This day is also believed to bring good luck where people are headed to the highest point of the city. Also a cake called as ‘ko’ is eaten by people with the resemblance of ‘top’ or ‘high’ and which is believed to offer them good faith like high level or top promotions.

15. Christmas Day – December 25, Friday

Christmas day for Christians around the world is one of the most important celebrations. This is the birth of Christ, the son of God who came into being to save humanity from their sins. Colorful lights, gift giving, luxurious decorations and delightful food are being observed during this day.

16. Boxing Day – December 26, Saturday

A day following Christmas, this celebration is normally observed not only in Hong Kong but in Australia, Sweden, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and the United Kingdom as well, among others. This is the day when servants receive gift of box from their employers or bosses.

With all these holidays, visit Hong Kong can be amazed with their wonderful tourist attractions, savor their delicious great foods and enjoy shopping to the maximum level and a whole lot more.

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