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Vietnam’s Public Holiday Schedule 2015

Ha Long Bay

Vietnam may belong to the third world countries but it is developing. It boasts of a lot of gorgeous sceneries that nature has to offer; from beaches to rice terraces to mountains and breathtaking landscapes. It is a place where the foods and cuisines are as great as in other Southeast Asian countries but a lot more economical and is very affordable. There are also fun and fascinating activities you can do in Vietnam such as drinking snake blood in Hanoi or sailing or kayaking through Ha Long Bay among so many others.

Vietnam is worth exploring. When you plan your trip, it would be a good idea to know the public holidays being celebrated in this part of the world to guide you in planning your vacation.

1. International New Year’s Day (January 1)

Like in many parts of the world, Vietnam celebrates New Year’s Day. It marks the first day of the Gregorian calendar.

2. Vietnamese New Year’s Eve (February 18)

Among the best places in Southeast Asia where you would want to celebrate the New Year’s Eve is at Ho Chi Minh City. You will enjoy the New Year countdown watching fantastic fireworks display and savor great bowls of the famous Pho and other traditional delicious local dishes.

3. Vietnamese New Year (February19)

This is the most important festival being celebrated in Vietnam. Vietnamese New Year is the introduction to Tet Holiday which is characterized by colorful festivities usually last for three days to a week. This is the time of the year where Vietnamese would want to reunite with their families and have a taste of their flavorful traditional foods served during this occasion.

4. Tet Holiday (February 20-24)

This holiday comes right after Vietnamese New Year and marks the beginning of the New Year Season. This signifies celebration, reunion with families and friends, great foods and gift giving and a whole lot more.

5. Hung King Festival (April 28)

This is the day the Vietnamese celebrates their King’s Commemoration. This festival is among Vietnam’s greatest national festivals where working people are given a day off to join the incense offering ceremony to offer sacrifices such as a pig or goat, a Chung cake or Day cake and five-fruit feast. They are given privilege to enjoy different recreational traditional and modern activities alike which include cross-bow shooting, swinging contests, dragon dancing, rice cooking and cock fighting. This day actually symbolizes strength of their national unity.

6. Liberation Day (April 30)

This holiday is also called Reunification Day. The fall of Saigon government is being commemorated this day as it marks the end of the Vietnam War resulting to the liberation of the southern part of Vietnam. This holiday is celebrated by holding competitions, shows and grand parades relative to the reunification of the two parts of Vietnam.

7. International Labor Day (May 1)

During this day, parades are held to honor Vietnamese workers. Just like in about 80 countries all over the world, Vietnam also celebrates Labor Day.

8. Independence Day (September 2)

This national day marks Vietnam’s independence from France after Japan’s surrender in World War II.

9. Christmas Day (December 25)

Just like in many other countries, Christmas Day is also celebrated in Vietnam. While this is not a national holiday, Vietnam still celebrates Christmas with such colorful celebrations and merriment.

Vietnam has so much to offer to the world if you would only give it a chance to show you that it is worth your time, money and effort to explore. Experience the natural beauty, people’s hospitality and rich cultural heritage of Vietnam among many others.

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