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Singapore’s Public Holiday Schedule 2015

Singapore is one of the world’s most visited tourist destination in the Asia. The country has undoubtedly gained high recognition to many tourists because of its dramatic change in economy, business, tourism industry, infrastructure, government and the atmosphere as a whole. No wonder why many visitors considered the country as the most efficient, safest and cleanest destination to spend holidays and vacations.

Singapore is one of the nicest cities to pay a visit and is considered the melting pot of diverse cultures. Regardless of your cultural or religious affiliation, everyone is welcome to celebrate in the country’s holidays and festivities. Singapore holidays are not only opportunities to various leisure and enjoyment but also to learn specific culture festivities and sumptuous cuisines.

Find the below list of Public Holidays 2015 in Singapore:

New Year’s Day – January 1

Anywhere in the world, this event is also celebrated in Singapore with colorful and cheerful festivities to face the bounty of the starting year. This is the first day in the Gregorian calendar and is almost celebrated across the globe with fireworks display and new year’s resolutions.

Chinese New Year – February 19 & 20

The eve of this celebration becomes a highlight to most people in Singapore. There is a careful observance of the celebration from food to clothing. Rituals, ceremonies and colorful festivities embark the hope and welcome the new year. The Festival of Lanterns marks an end of the festivity with dancing, singing and lantern shows.

Good Friday – April 3

The Friday before Eastern is commemorated by the entire Christian nations. Christians tighten their faith through the suffering, death and crucifixion of the Lord. The life and teachings of Jesus have become the foundation of Christianity and is celebrated by Christians through processions and reenactment of the crucifixion.

Labour Day – May 1

This holiday is almost celebrated around the world. This is the day when most labor unions achieved recognition.

Vesak Day – June 1

Great enthusiasm faces this celebration as being the highest festivity to Buddhist. This has special significance in the moon at the month of Vaisakh as this day commemorates the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha.

Hari Raya Puasa – July 17

‘Hari Raya’ is defined to be the “Day of the Celebration’. This day is highly significant as this marks the end of Ramadan. This celebration is very important to Muslims around the world.

National Day – August 9

This is a very significant event in the history of Singapore. This commemorates the day that the country regained their independence. Festivities such as carnivals and concerts highlight the enjoyment of this occasion.

Public Holiday – August 10

There is Public Holiday on Monday, the day after the celebration of the National Holiday which falls on a Sunday.

Hari Raya Haji –September 24

This is known as the pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca and is celebrated by most Muslims around the Globe. This celebration falls in the 10th day of the last month of Muslim calendar. Muslim tradition in this special day includes being clothed in new dresses, parties, festivities and giving of gifts to children. This is also known as the Feast of Sacrifice where the prophet Abraham surrendered everything to God including his son.

Deepavali – November 10

For many Hindus around the world, this is the Festival of Light, a significant festival, where the celebration is covered with the thought of light over darkness, purity over impurity and good over evil. IN the Hindu calendar, the Festival of Lights occur during th first night of the new moon on the month of Kaartik.

Christmas Day – December 25

This is a religious festivity to every Christian which is believed to be the ‘Nativity of Jesus’. This also marks the period of Winter Solstice. Gift giving, foods, ceremonies and family parties are just around anywhere to commemorate this celebration.

Experience Singapore Holidays and know why the country is amongst the best destinations in the world. Savor the abundance of the country’s fascinating festivities, food, culture, people and tradition…..

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