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Shopping in Phuket: What Can You Buy at Phuket Markets

Shopping in Phuket is a definite must when visiting the island. Whether you are in lively Patong Beach or historical Phuket Town, there is a place to shop. You can buy many interesting things at Phuket Markets and it is a great time to buy amazing, local goods.

Best Places to Shop in Phuket

1. Jungceylon Shopping Mall – Patong Beach

Shopping in Phuket - Jungceylon shopping mall in Patong
Jungceylon shopping mall in Patong

Patong Beach is famous for its nightlife but it also has great shopping opportunities. The Jungceylon Shopping Complex is in downtown Patong, opposite Bangla Road. The complex has two large anchor stores, Robinson, which is an upper end department store, and Big C Supermarket where you can meet all your grocery needs.

There are over 200 stores in the shopping complex as well as a movie theatre and a 16 lane bowling alley. If you find yourself in Patong on a rainy day, it’s a great escape from the weather.

2. Banzaan Market – Patong Beach

Banzaan Market, Patong Beach
Banzaan Market, Patong Beach

In a direct contrast to the large Jungceylon Mall is the Banzaan Market. It is a fresh market with rows upon rows of delicious looking produce. There is also a large food court that has many different authentic Thai dishes available. In front of the market is a small Chinese shrine that is neat to see.

3. Banana Walk – Patong Beach

One of Patong’s newest shopping centers is located just south of Bangla Road on Beach Road. It is a multilevel center that has a minimal and modern feel to the building. The main focuses of this mall are shopping, dining and cosmetics and the prices reflect the higher-end goods for sale. There are even a few spas at which you can pamper yourself in.

4. Phuket Weekend Market – Phuket Town

Thailand is famous for its street markets and this one in Phuket Town is no exception. You can stroll down aisles of shops while munching on delicious street food. Everything can be bartered down to the best price, so start practicing ahead of time. You can get just about everything at the Phuket Weekend Market including clothes, DVDs and jewelry.

5. Central Festival Phuket – Phuket Town

Just outside of Phuket Town you can find this large, air-conditioned mall that has plenty of outlet stores. You can find just about everything here, whether it is silks or name brand jeans.

6. Phuket Walking Street – Phuket Town

This is one of the newest attractions in Phuket Town and is a weekly market that first started in 2013. You can find the market along Thalang Road in the historical Sino-Portuguese district of Phuket Town. The street is transformed into a bargain hunter’s paradise every Sunday from 4PM to 10PM. The market has plenty of local Thai cuisine on offer and is very family friendly.

7. Premium Outlet Phuket – Phuket Town

If you have come to Thailand for bargains, then Premium Outlet in Phuket Town is the best place to visit. All of your favourite brand names have outlet stores here, including Lacoste, Levi’s, Adidas and Nike. Shops offer huge discounts, often up to 70% off. While the storefronts are outdoors, the shopping center is made to look like a main street and everything is connected.

8. Phuket Old Town Handicraft Shop – Phuket Town

This collection of shops can be found in Phuket Town’s winding streets including Phang Nga and Yaowarat roads. In these textile shops you can find an abundance of locally made handicrafts that are real and authentic. Plus you’re contributing directly to Thai locals.

9. Karon Bazaar – Karon Beach

This large covered shopping center resembles a traditional market and can be found in the central area of Karon Beach Road. The bazaar has over 6000 square meters of shops that include t-shirts, fabrics and all sorts of souvenirs. Most stores are not air-conditioned which means it can get quite stuffy if you are shopping on a hot day.

What Can You Buy at Phuket Markets

1. Clothing

At Phuket markets you can find just about anything when it comes to clothing. From jeans to t-shirts and everything in between, whatever style you have, you will be able to find clothes that match it. Clothing can be grouped into three different categories: every day clothing, high end clothing, and tourist clothing.

For everyday clothing, most shopping centers have a mix of international stores and local Thai stores. For high end clothing, outlet malls are your best bet. Here you can get name brand clothes for bargain pricing. The final category is tourist clothing, including funny sloganed souvenir t-shirts. These can be found everywhere, in particular street markets.

2. DVDs

Even if DVDs are starting to become obsolete, who doesn’t love finding their beloved movie or TV series for super cheap. Some of the DVDs are legitimate but a lot of them are pirated recordings. You can find many popular TV shows on DVD for only a few dollars per disk.

3. Elephants

Elephant statues at Phuket market
Elephant statues at Phuket market

These animals are a symbol of Thailand and a great idea for little souvenir gifts. You can find mini statues of elephants in many stores and they are a nice reminder of the trip you took. Elephants come in all materials including wood, stone and tin.

4. Silk

Thai silk at Phuket markets
Thai silk at Phuket market

Silk is produced in Thailand which is why you can find so many stores that sell the luxurious fabric. You can find all sorts of clothing made from silk, but silk scarves continue to be the biggest seller.

5. Cashew Nuts

Cashew Nuts at Phuket Markets
Cashew Nuts at Phuket Market

If you are a nut lover, what better place to purchase cashew nuts than in a country that grows them? You can find cashew nuts in a wide range of flavours that will excite your taste buds.

6. Tiger Balm

Tiger Balm at Phuket Markets
Tiger Balm at Phuket Market

While this joint pain reliever can be found overseas, tiger balm originated in Thailand and can be found very cheaply. If you or someone you know suffers from joint pain, pick up some soothing Tiger Balm to help relieve the pain.

Shopping in Phuket is a great activity to do and no matter where you stay, there is a market or shopping complex to visit.

While you are in no way tied to specific items when shopping, keep in mind what Thailand and especially Phuket is famous for. Items like silk and elephants are great to purchase because they will always remind you of your time in Thailand.

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