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Patong Beach, Phuket Guide: Hotels, Shopping, Foods & Things to do

Located on the center of the west coast of Phuket, Patong Beach is famous for both its beautiful beaches and lively night life. The area is very popular with young tourists looking to party hard. If you are thinking of taking a trip to Patong Beach, here is some useful information to help you plan an unforgettable experience.

Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand
Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand


Patong Beach is divided into different areas by three major roads. Beach Road on the coast and Thanon Rat-U-Thit 200 Pi which is more inland, run parallel and are bisected by Soi Bangla. All of these roads are one-way and form a bit of a circle bringing people and goods into the town via one road and out of the town via the other.

Nanai Road, which is more inland, is home to a number of expatriates as well as cheaper hotels and guestrooms. If you want a particularly cheap bottle of beer, this is the place to go. Most beers cost only 50 baht a bottle.


To get the most out of Patong Beach, visit the area between November and March when the weather is cool and comfortable. Temperatures during this time average between 24C and 32C. The hotter summer months can become quite unbearable as it is the rainy season, making the area very humid. In the summer temperatures average between 27C and 36C.


Phuket International Airport

Most people who come to Patong Beach arrive on Phuket via the Phuket International Airport which is 35 kilometres north of Patong Beach. There are a number of ways to get from the airport to the beach, all costing a wide range of prices.

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Phuket International Airport

The most expensive option is the limousine taxi which can average about 800 baht for the 40 minute drive. If you take a taxi it will cost about 700 baht, but be careful about which taxi you take; make sure you get one from the meter-taxi stand to ensure you don’t overpay.

If possible, find a mini bus that you can share with other people. This way the cost is only about 200 baht per person. The cheapest way from the airport to Patong Beach is via an airport shuttle bus. It takes longer because you have to transfer in Phuket Town, but is only 85 baht. There is a newer bus option from the airport to the beach that costs 130 baht.


Because Patong Beach is close to many other towns, you should try to plan a few day trips to experience other parts of Phuket Island. You can take a 30 minute bus to Phuket Town that only costs 30 baht. Service runs about every 30 minutes.

Private Car

It may seem fancy, but a private car is similar to booking a taxi ahead of time. There are a couple of car services in Patong Beach where you can call and be picked up and transported to anywhere in the town.


If you are going across town at Patong Beach, you will probably end up with a taxi. Most taxis are bright red or yellow which makes them easy to spot. Most are metered, but make sure to tell your driver where you are going and ask how much it will cost to ensure a fair price is being had.

By foot

Most of where you want to go in Patong Beach is accessible by foot, which makes it very convenient. If, however, you are visiting during the hot summer months, make sure you are hydrated.


Iconic to Thailand, there are many tuktuks at Patong Beach. These can become pricey, though, if you rely on them for your whole stay.

Beaches in Patong

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach, Patong, Thailand
Paradise Beach, Patong, Thailand

Located at the very tip of South Patong Bay, this beach has powder like sand and clear blue water. If you like to snorkel you’ll be pleased with the amount of sea life in the water. There is a good restaurant here that serves Thai and Western food. The beach does cost to access it, 500 baht, but beach chairs are included with admission.

Kalim Beach

Kalim Beach, Patong, Thailand
Kalim Beach, Patong, Thailand

North of Patong Bay is this quieter beach that is rocky but still nice. There are beautiful views from the hilltops as well as good restaurants to eat at.

Things to do in Patong Beach

Watch a Simon Cabaret Show

Simon Cabaret Show, Patong
Simon Cabaret Show, Patong

There are many things to do at night in Patong Beach, and a Simon Cabaret Show is a great experience. There are a few clubs that offer shows filled with elaborate costumes and wild music. Grab a drink and enjoy the show.

Get a massage

Like the rest of Thailand, Patong Beach has numerous spas that provide world class massages. Whether you want a foot massage or back massage, a short time or longer, each spa has something to offer.

Go scuba diving

The waters off Patong Beach are beautiful and full of coral and sea life. Take advantage of scuba diving lessons by trained professionals and go explore the ocean.

Shopping in Patong Beach

Shopping at Patong Beach

Patong Beach has many shops to choose from, but the best are only open at night. Once it becomes dark the major roads are filled with pop up stalls selling street food, beachwear and even luggage. Be sure to practice your bartering skills as all prices are open to negotiate.

Food in Patong Beach

Street food at Patong Beach
Street food at Patong Beach

Patong Beach not only offers traditional Thai cuisine, it also offers flavours from around the world. Whether you’re in the mood for French, Italian or even Russian, you can find a restaurant that serves it. Because Patong Beach is filled with so many tourists, food prices are not as cheap as the rest of the island. Expect to pay at least 150 to 200 baht for a simple meal and much higher the more elaborate you order.

Accomodation in Patong Beach

Patong Beach is very popular with tourists and so has many options to stay at. There are budget hostels, family friendly hotels and even luxury resorts. Budget places cost between 700 and 1000 baht per night. Mid-range hotels can cost between 1000 baht and 2500 baht. For resorts, expect to pay anything over 2500 baht. As always, location and type of room that you stay in will affect the price you pay.

Patong Beach is a fabulous place to relax during the day and party at night. While it is a place that has something for everyone, keep in mind that the streets will be noisy after dark and into the wee hours of the morning. If you’re looking for a relaxing retreat, it is best to stay elsewhere. If a party central place sounds perfect, then Patong Beach will not disappoint.

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