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What is the Best time to go to Phuket – Phuket Weather Guide

Phuket is an amazing island in Thailand to visit, but as with most tropical locations, it’s important to know when the best time to go to Phuket is.

It is also important to know what to expect with the weather. This guide is meant to explain when the best time to go to Phuket is and also to expand on a Phuket weather guide.

Koh Tapu, Phuket, Thailand
Koh Tapu, Phuket, Thailand

When is the Best time to go to Phuket – Complete Overview

January and February

January is the most popular month for tourists. This is because rainfall is at its lowest and most days have clear blue skies and relatively low humidity. The water is also calm which is great for scuba diving and snorkeling. If you are travelling with children, you want to make sure the water is calm enough for swimming so that you don’t have to worry about strong currents.

Best time to go to Phuket, Thailand

Because January is so popular with tourists, the atmosphere in many nightclubs is at its peak. Bars and clubs are filled which adds to the excitement of night life. Alternatively, more tourists means more people on the road. Roads on Phuket are windy and when you had a lot of novice drivers who have decided to rent motorbikes for the first time, they can become quite dangerous.

If you are headed to Phuket in January but are worried about the crowds, stay at quieter locales like Kata Beach or Surin. Party town Patong will be bursting with tourists and can become quite noisy.

Depending on the lunar cycle of the year, Chinese New Year will fall in either January or February. Phuket offers many celebrations to celebrate this holiday including impressive fireworks displays.

March and April

March and April are still considered part of the high season, but towards the end of April, things start to visibly change on Phuket. Average temperatures begin rise making it harder to stay outdoors all day. If you’re ok with the heat, March and April are good months to visit Phuket as many hotels start to offer discounts. Swimming and diving are still good activities to pursue as the water is relatively calm. Nightlife is still exciting and parties can go all night long.

Songkran water festival, Thailand
Songkran water festival, Thailand

April is home to the Songkran water festival which makes it a lively time to visit. This celebration is in honor of the Thai New Year and celebrations include dousing everyone in refreshing water. If you like spontaneity then you’ll enjoy the festival, but if you find yourself unsure, best book during a different time as celebrations in Phuket can last up to seven days.

May and June

May brings the beginning of the low season which is marked by a drop in temperature and a rise in humidity. This is the beginning of the rainy season. Phuket is not as busy during this time and many hotels and resorts offer discounts of up to 50 % off. If you’re ok with some rain and are looking for a bargain, than this is a great time to consider.

Because there are less tourists in Phuket during May and June, beaches have more room on them and roads are less crowded. The overall atmosphere becomes relaxed.

Be careful if you’re headed out into the ocean. Some days the current can be fine and manageable, but some days it is best to avoid it all together. Swimming and diving should be done by strong swimmers only.

July, August, September and October

All part of the low season, July through October is relatively quiet on Phuket. While there are some sunny days, the majority of the days are filled with rains. There are many good discounts to be had on both airfare and accommodation in Phuket.

Clouds around the hills, Phuket
Clouds around the hills, Phuket

There is still some nightlife and if you want to go out, but don’t want to deal with gigantic crowds, this is a great time to visit Phuket.

Scuba diving is NOT generally done during these months because the water has strong currents and visibility is not at its best. While diving can still be done, it happens on a day by day basis.

November and December

The start of the high season can still bring a large amount of rainfall, but generally speaking the weather is nice enough to not have to worry too much. As November turns into December hotels start to fill up more and become more expensive.

Christmas celebration in Phuket
Christmas celebration in Phuket

December is very popular on Phuket because of its many holidays. Christmas is celebrated, but in a more commercial sense rather than a religion sense because of the islands predominant Buddhist following. Tourist parts of towns go all out for Christmas and you can find decorations and even a turkey dinner to help you celebrate the day.

Phuket Weather Guide Info

Phuket Weather Guide

January, February and March

The average temperature during these months is between 23 C and 33 C. Days are full of sunshine and relatively little rain. Humidity is about 90%. You can expect between 8.5 and 9 hours of daily sunshine.

April, May and June

The average temperature during these months is between 25C and 31C. Days are mostly rainy with the odd sunny break. April can see an average rainfall of 16 centimeters, May 35 centimeters and June 21 centimeters. Humidity is about 90%. You can expect between 5 and 6 hour of daily sunshine.

July, August and September

The average temperature during these months is between 24C and 30C. Days are most definitely filled with rain with the odd clearing when sun makes an appearance. July has an average rainfall of 26 centimeters, August an average of 26 centimeters and September 42 centimeters. Humidity is between 85 and 95%. Days see between 5 and 6 hours of sunshine.

October, November and December

The average temperature during these months is between 24C and 30C. Rainy days start to change into predominantly sunny days. October has an average rainfall of 30 centimeters, November has an average of 21 centimeters and December has an average of only 5 centimeters. Humidity is between 90 and 95%. The hours of sunshine per day are only 6 in October, but by December are up to 9 hours per day.

The best time to go in Phuket is between December and March for most people, but if you like rain and love bargains, then there are other times that will suit you just fine.

Understanding the weather in Phuket is important as it will set your expectations for when you travel. No one wants to go to a country expecting blue skies and calm waters, only to find it’s the middle of the rainy season. Be prepared when travelling to Phuket and you’ll have a great adventure.

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