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Bangkok’s top 10 things to do: Don’t miss out on these

Bangkok is one of the most interesting, perplexing, and famously cultural Asian cities on the map. This cosmopolitan city is hectic and even overwhelming at times, however it has a compelling draw for most people who visit. While in this mega city full of lights, smiles, massage parlors and tuk-tuks, you surely shouldn’t miss these top 10 things to do.

Just getting started:

1) River cruise

River cruise in the Chao Phraya River (Photo by Mark Fischer)

To get yourself a bit more acquainted with the city and perhaps not shock yourself, a peaceful and beautiful night ride down the Chao Phraya River that snakes through this magnificent city would be a nice place to start. You will pass the highly revered and sparkling temples that sit along the river like Wat Arun to Phra Sumeru.

2) Grand Palace

Grand Palace (Photo by Greg Knapp)

Another temple that should be on your list as well, is the Grand Palace. This famous Bangkok landmark has been the home to Thailand’s King for 150 years and it’s marvelous architecture and intricate details will blow you away.

3) Tuk-tuk ride

Tuk-tuk in Bangkok (Photo by Colin Tsoi)

Before we go any further with this list, your trip to Bangkok will not be complete without a ride in tuk-tuk. These obnoxiously loud vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. Some fit two people, some cram in five or more. Whatever tuk-tuk you find, be sure to whip out your best negotiating skills and then hop in for a ride anywhere. Depending how far you are away from any of the next items on this list, a tuk-tuk will likely be the best way to get around anyway.

Sky High and Good Eats:

4) Skybars

Sit up high in Sirocco & Sky Bar (Photo by Sirocco & SkyBar Management)

To get a better glimpse of Bangkok, you should fly up to one of the many sky bars the city offers. Sirocco, from the Hangover 2 movie, and Vertigo Moon Bar are popular choices. Get here before sundown for the best photo opportunities and one of the best seats in the house.

5) Chinatown Market

Chinatown, Bangkok (Photo by Heiko S)

To get the cheapest, best tasting fare, and be surrounded by complete madness, you must checkout the Chinatown Market. With amazing deals to be had, and more food than you can stomach, you have worked your way up to dealing with a true Bangkok street market.


6) Floating Market

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market (Photo by Dennis Jarvis)

For the most interesting shopping experience of your life, check out Bangkok’s floating market. This narrow river full of boats will be a first for your eyes guaranteed. Who else can say they floated down a river and bought fruits, vegetables, and coconut juice straight off another boat that floated by?

7) Chatuchak market

Chatuchak Market (Photo by Nan-Cheng Tsai)

Should you still be in the shopping mood, get ready for the largest weekend market in the world, Chatuchak market. From spiritual trinkets to exotic animals, clothes and handicrafts, this market literally has it all. You could spend all day here and still not see the entire market. It sprawls over 27 acres and has over 15,000 booths to browse and blow money on.

8) Thai massage

Thai foot massage (Photo by taylorandayumi)

If your feet are sore and hands tired from holding all those bags, it sounds like a nice massage will do you well. Thai’s are known for their massages and they are so cheap, you won’t feel as guilty treating yourself after all that shopping. A Thai massage is a nice experience but not as relaxing as their oil massages. Lay back and enjoy, you deserve it.

Party Punch:

9) Muay Thai Fight

A Muay Thai fight will give your holiday a nice punch (Photo by Josh Evnin)

To start you night off with an exciting event, you should certainly check out Thailand’s ultimate sport, Muay Thai. There are stadiums scattered about the city but Lumpini Stadium happens to be the most popular. There is a fight going down nearly every night of the week.

10) Khao San Road

Khao San Road (Photo by Robert Brands)

To finish your night off with a sinful touch make your way to the backpackers ghetto, also know as, Khao San Road. Party like you have never partied before, down more whiskey buckets than you can remember, and make it home at the wee hours of the morning. It will be the most epic ending to your tour of Bangkok.

There is a world of things to get into while you are here in Bangkok. Hundreds of temples, sinful bars, traditional Thai dances and performances, gourmet to market fare, cooking classes, tailor made clothes, and more. The list is endless when you are in the “Sin city of Asia.” So be sure to not miss out these must do activities, and try to make time to explore even more.

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