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Taking Classes While Traveling in Southeast Asia

Krabi, Thailand (Photo by Mikhail Koninin)

With such legendary travel destinations as Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam, it is no wonder that Southeast Asia is some travelers’ favorite destination. It’s a land of beautiful landscapes, ethnic food, and endless adventure. Unfortunately however, the best time to visit this remarkable location is during the winter, a time that does not work for the traveling student because it conflicts with their school semesters. So how can students possibly see the beautiful countries of Southeast Asia during the best season with such a conflicting schedule?

Online Classes

Perhaps the best answer to the traveling student’s predicament is to take online classes. Online classes allow students to complete an entire course at their own schedule. The way it works is that students log on to the class via the Internet whenever they have free time in order to get the next lessen and assignment. While it takes a lot of self-discipline to devote time and thought to your classes while on the go, traveling actually offers you a lot of flexibility in order to complete the desired coursework. With so many bus, train, and plane rides, the traveling student will have plenty of time to go through any required readings, complete assignments, and study for exams. Additionally, one can always plan ahead and complete their schoolwork when they have time so that it doesn’t conflict with a busy week of travel.

Study Abroad

Many colleges offer semesters abroad, which can serve as the perfect opportunity for someone looking to complete coursework while traveling. A semester abroad is when your school places you for one semester in a foreign university in the country of your choice, giving you the chance to really experience another country in depth. While this option does not provide as much flexibility as online classes, as you will be unable to travel far from the school you choose to attend while classes are in session, it is a great option for someone that really wants to spend a lot of time in a specific location. Additionally, many students who choose to go abroad take advantage of their situation and do a lot of traveling during any breaks from school, though most choose to take a month at the end of the semester to backpack through nearby countries before heading home.

Semester at Sea

Another fantastic studying abroad option is Semester at Sea, a cruise ship that has been made into a university in order to offer students the chance to visit multiple countries while still completing a full semester of classes. Students live on the cruise ship and stop at amazing countries, though each year the program offers a different schedule. While that schedule sometimes includes Southeast Asia, it doesn’t always. However, it does usually take students to multiple continents, be it Europe, Africa, Australia, or South America.

With these options, in mind, a student should never feel like his schooling is standing in the way of his travel experiences. If anything, studying while traveling is an opportunity for a truly great and productive experience, particularly if you shape your classes around the locations you intend to visit by taking, per say, a History of Southeast Asia course, or a class on Asian literature.

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