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Teaching in Thailand

Many people decide to stay in Thailand. Some choose Teaching English as a way to earn money and remain in the country.

There are many vacancies in agencies for English Speaking Teachers. Some good and some not so good. You may find a job in a government school or even a private school quite quickly especially if you have a genuine University Degree. Many people get these jobs and don’t have the qualifications There are some employers who ignore the rules and the laws. It’s wise to check carefully before taking on any position and you should ensure Work Permits have been applied for by your employer. This is not free. A good school may pay the cost but an agency may not. Having no work permit is not advisable and you could get in to trouble.

If you are serious about teaching and wish to maximise your earnings a TEFL course could improve your chances of getting good contracts for work. Most TEFL courses run over five weeks with 120 hours of face to face teaching. You learn about all aspects of Teaching English as a Foreign Language and leave with a recognised certificate that opens doors to work and better pay. I completed a course back in 2005.

The UEC TEFL Graduate Eight Years Later

UEC Bangkok For TEFL

Back in 2005 I was living and working in Bangkok. Teaching was my main source of income but I struggled to earn a wage that would see me through a month comfortably. I decided to study TEFL for five weeks at UEC Bangkok. It was to be the best decision I have made regarding Teaching and climbing the ladder of success.

School in Udonthani were I worked

The success came in the form of better contracts with better wages working for some excellent institutions and companies. Tesco Lotus took me on in the north of Thailand Teaching their staff how to converse with English speaking foreigners. It was so much fun and I was paid a good salary for my efforts. Seven Eleven North Bangkok signed me up to visit all their stores and teach too. Rachada International School of languages in Udonthani took me on and because of my TEFL training it didn’t take long to demonstrate my new abilities in the classroom and receive a larger pay packet. Every job I applied for I got. Was this because I am good looking? No. Was it due to my aura and positive manner? No again. It must have been because I could speak Thai rather well. No, no, no. It was because I had studied TEFL and evolved into a better Teacher. All my skills had improved and I had gained many new techniques on how to get my message across to my students.

High School Class
Junior School Teaching

After many happy, productive years working all around Thailand I returned to England and settled into the British way of life again. I remember thinking that my TEFL Certificate would sit in a draw and gather dust as I was no longer teaching English. How wrong I was. I took it with me to interviews and showed it off with pride. Potential employers looked positively upon my UEC qualification.

THE Charity I work for in Oxford

Here I am in 2014 living in beautiful, historical Oxford City just forty miles west of London. I work for a charity called Emmaus. The position involves sorting and researching antiques and collectables which have been donated then selling them on to raise money for people in need. Every day my skills learnt at UEC assist me in getting my message across to others in a clear, easy to understand fashion.

Whatever you decide to do with your time in Thailand have fun and enjoy one of the most wonderful places on earth. In my next blog join me as I go inside village life and chat about the cultural differences between Thailand and the west.

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