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Top 15 Things to Do and Places to See in Bandung, Indonesia

Bandung is the capital of the West Java province in Indonesia and there are many things to do and places to see in Bandung. Home to over 2 million people, the things to do and places to see in Bandung encompass both the city and the surrounding nature.


1. Go shopping

Things to Do and Places to See in Bandung
Factory Outlet, Bandung

Bandung is home to a number of factory outlets where you can find brand name clothes at bargain prices. From shoes to bags to clothes, you can find just about anything you need. Two of the best areas where you can find outlets are Jalan Riau and Jalan Dago. Make yourself the envy of all of your friends when you return home with designer clothes.

2. Watch the sunset

Sunset at Gasibu, Bandung
Sunset at Gasibu, Bandung

The sunsets over Bandung are truly spectacular, so if you can, find a restaurant to sit down at and eat and let the beauty watch over you. There are a number of hilltop restaurants that cater to this experience. The colors are vivid and the sight is something you will never tire of seeing.

3. Savour the food at Kampung Daun

Kampung Daun food

One of the best places to eat in Bandung is Kampung Daun which brings nature to your dining experience. Set amongst bamboo huts and waterfalls, the atmosphere is relaxing and inviting. You can enjoy Indonesian cuisine at a reasonable price.

4. Shop at the Pasar Baru

Pasar Baru Trade Center
Pasar Baru Trade Center

If you’re looking for authentic Indonesian bargains, then visit Pasar Baru, a well-known market in the heart of Bandung. Here you can find clothing, fabrics and many types of souvenirs. Make sure you practice your bartering skills in order to get the best prices.

5. Enjoy the music at Saung Angklung Udjo

Saung Angklung Udjo, Bandung
Saung Angklung Udjo, Bandung

One of the best things to do in Bandung is to take in this two hour show that highlights Indonesian culture. The performance is a mix of a mask dance, a puppet show and even features an opportunity for children to dance along.

6. Visit a rice terrace

Rice Terrace, Bandung
Rice Terrace, Bandung

Bandung has a large network of rice fields and rice terraces just on the outskirts of the city. While this is not a traditional tourist destination, it is a neat experience. If you can, start by talking with locals to find out where the rice fields are. The beauty of the rice fields is an amazing experience to have.


7. Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih, BANDUNG
Kawah Putih, BANDUNG

One of the most beautiful places to see in Bandung is about two hours south west from the city and works great as a day trip. The lake is made from a volcano and gets its bright blue color from the sulphur in the volcano. You can grab lunch or a snack from one of the many vendors selling there.

8. Tangkuban Perahu

Places to see in Bandung - Tangkuban Perahu
Tangkuban Perahu

Another volcanic crater that has formed into a lake is Tangkuban Perahu which is an hour and a half north of the city. The view from the top of the mountain looking down into the crater is amazing.

9. Dusun Bambu

Cottages at Dusun Bambu
Cottages at Dusun Bambu

At the foot of a mountain just north of Bandung, this bamboo forest is a relaxing place for people of all ages. There are a number of bamboo walking paths that guide you through the park. There are a few restaurants to stop and enjoy that serve delicious, traditional Indonesian cuisine. The jungle setting can make you forget that the rest of the world even exists.

10. Ranca Upas

Ranca Upas, Bandung

Southwest of Bandung, near Kawah Putihi is this deer conservation park and camping ground. While at the park you can purchase vegetables to feed the native deer that make the grounds their home. After getting to know the animals, you can take your children to the outdoor adventure camp that is also there. There are a number of water slides and a hot springs to soak in.

11. Villa Isola

Villa Isola, Bandung

In the northern part of Bandung you can find this villa which was built by an Italian millionaire in 1933. It has sweeping views of the city and ornamental gardens surrounding the building.

12. Gedung Sate

Gedung Sate, Bandung

This building is now used as the office for the West Java Governor, but is still open to the public. The literal transition of Gedung Sate is satay building, a reference to the shape of the building’s central pinnacle. This pinnacle resembles satay, a traditional Indonesian dish. You can relax at the café on the top floor while enjoying the views of the city.

13. Gedung Merdeka

Gedung Merdeka, Bandung

This art deco building currently displays a collection of photographs of the Asian-African conference of 1955, which was an important step for the relationships of so many countries. If you’re a history buff, then don’t miss out on this building.

14. Paris Van Java

Paris Van Java Rooftop Zoo

This retail store chain offers a lot of great shopping to be had, but what makes it truly unique is its rooftop zoo. There are two separate attractions to visit: the Lactasari Mini Farm and the Bird Park. In the mini farm you can find sheep, cows, rabbits, goats and Siberian Huskies. Children can get close to the animals to pet them, and if lucky, even get to feed them.

At the bird park you can find some of Indonesia’s rare birds including parrots of Nusa Tenggara and hornbills of Borneo. The tropical birds offer a rainbow of mesmerizing colors.

15. Trans Studio Bandung

Trans Studio Bandung

One of the largest theme parks in Indonesia, Trans Studio is split into three areas: Studio Central, the Lost city and the Magic Corner. Here you can find a theme park similar to Disneyland or Universal Studios, something children and even adults will enjoy. There are roller coasters, parades and lots of food to be eaten.

There are so many things to do and see in Bandung so it’s important to incorporate a mix of city and country experiences. When the attractions of a busy city get to be too overwhelming, take comfort in knowing that the vast natural world is right on the doorstep of the city.

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