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Top 5 Karaoke Bars in Singapore


Karaoke is one of those things that immediately come to mind when we think of Asia. Since the 1970’s karaoke has spread throughout most of the continent turning from phenomena to culture. In Singapore, the karaoke culture is strong with an abundance of bars to sing your heart out in. The best of Singapore’s karaoke bars, known as KTV’s, are listed below to make your night of singing much more memorable.

1) Party World KTV
With locations all over the city, eight to be exact, Party World is one of the most well known KTV’s in Singapore. By using top notch devices, they are known to have excellent sound quality. It’s family and company friendly with spacious rooms catered to your group size. Although a tad expensive, you can become a member to receive discounts. Oh and the songs, in over ten languages, are constantly being updated to provide you with the most up to date karaoke experience!

2) TopOne KTV
If you’re after decor, TopOne has some of the most attractive rooms that are even themed. This KTV gives off the party vibe with strobe lights, smoke machines, and disco balls while still remaining family friendly. It’s the perfect KTV for special occasions like birthday parties, bachelor parties, and so on. At TopOne you can feel like a celebrity with the chance to record your own album in their recording studio. If you are free before 6pm each day, there are great happy hour specials to take advantage of. TopOne is located across from Bugis Junction.

3) Teo Heng KTV Studio
Teo Heng can be described in two words; cheap and simple. By charging per hour per room (not per person) this karaoke experience can cost only a few dollars (as low as $8/hour). There’s even a Mon-Thurs special where you pay the price of two hours for three hours. Talk about a bargain! Don’t expect fancy decor or special services though. You get what you pay for. Guests are allowed to bring food and snacks from home to save even more money, while drinks only cost $1! There are three locations in Singapore; Katong Shopping Centre, Nanyang Technological University, and Sembawang Shopping Centre.

4) Chillz Bar
Very different from this rest, Chillz Bar is more just your ordinary bar than a KTV hotspot, but it sure has charm. If you aren’t shy or want to show off your singing skills, Chillz Bar is a great option since they don’t have private rooms. The karaoke screen is at the bar so your voice will entertain plenty of strangers. The crowd is a bit young here, but it is filled with high energy and happiness. They have frequent singing competitions so come with your best voice!

5) Ten Dollar Club
With a name like Ten Dollar Club, we know this is another KTV on the cheap, as long as you show up with a group of four or more. There are three locations, which all offer different vibes. The Balestier outlet gives off a home feeling with its cozy but simple decor, while the Chinatown and Downtown East outlets have the nightlife vibe both with a disco ball and pool table in their common area. 10 Dollar Club offers a free flow of hot and cold drinks with a social environment. It’s a great place to save money and meet new friends!

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