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Top 5 Dive Spots in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia provides some of the most diverse and brilliant waters to dive in the world. Boasting the majority of the world’s underwater critters and corals along with the visibility is unprecedented. There are far more than 5 amazing spots to dive, but here are some that top the list of awesomeness.

1) Pulau Sipadan, Malaysia

Just wow. (Photo by Paul Lim)

Not only famed for an excellent diving spot in SE Asia, but in the world. This spectacular diving spot in Malaysia is a legend for divers. Schools of barracudas, sea turtles, trevallies and more can be seen here. This diving paradise is located in the Celebes Sea and is the main diving site for the country of Malaysia. Unsurpassed by most sites in the world makes this place an unforgettable exploration of the water world below.

2) Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar

Amazing from the top, even better on the bottom! (Photo by NASA)

An archipelago of more than 800 islands lays in in the Andaman sea off the Southern coast of Myanmar. Some of these islands haven’t been explored they are so remote. This spot has only recently been introduced into the wave of tourism when it was opened in 1997. Since then the diving has been booming and people have been enjoying these gorgeous, warm, and pristine waters ever since then. Almost entirely undisturbed, this grouping of islands provide amazing marine life like sharks, rays, eels, pipefish, lionfish and much more. Colorful coral, caverns and tunnels make this diving spot mega special.

3) Andaman Islands, India

It just doesn’t even look real!
 (Photo by Louise Ireland)

Not venturing off too far are the Andaman Islands in India. The magnificent diving here is all thanks to the flourishing wildlife that live in these strong current waters. Turtles, sharks, vibrant coral, salt water crocodiles, bright fish…. the list can go on and on. Nicorbar island seems to be the favorite of the bunch and is only one of the 15 islands in the Mahatma Ghandi Marine National Park. Like Mergui, tourism has only been recently booming in the area and it’s still rather untouched. This dive site is for the more experienced diver due to the strong currents.

4) Similan and Surin Islands, Thailand

I’m sure this guy wasn’t easy to spot.
 (Photo by hasteyr)

Nine granite islands sit a few hours West and off the coast of Phuket. Here there are pristine and clear blue waters full of dramatic underwater ocean views and marine life to entertain your eyes for dives and dives to come. Visibly is often at its best around October and running through until May. With that said, visibility is fantastic year round between 20-25 meters and sometimes reaching over 40 meters. Drift diving is the most popular here and you can float through the beautiful clear water. You can see marine life such as whale sharks, cow tail rays, leopard sharks, and hard and soft brilliant and vibrant corals. While diving you will be swimming though incredible rock formations and boulders which make for a more exciting dive. On island one, all named 1-9 in Malay, is a sanctuary for turtles. They lay eggs here and provide a humbling spectacle when you see them hatch and return to the deep sea water. The diving here is the best in Thailand and possibly some of the best in the world.

5) Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia

Talk about color that pops. (Photo by Lakshmi Sawitri)

Boasting the highest diversity of fish and coral on our planet is this cluster of islands on the northwestern tip of Indonesia. Over 550 coral species and over 1,200 fish species roam these waters and provide one of the greatest underwater spectacles of the sea. Sharks, sea turtles, over 40 species of reef fish, some of which are endangered, turtles and more.

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